Almond Breeze Almond Milk Recalled Because It Might Contain Real Milk


Areas where we didn't know we had spot. Fires give us the Intel what those fires are actually doing it helps, us in the strategy of will be hit various decision points was established to implement evacuations up to the minute mapping of the natural. Disasters unfolding, across California wild lands is the latest high tech tool tracking California's new normal at. CBS Sacramento reporters Steve large at last count there were eighteen wildfires. Burning across the state a recall of almond milk to tell you about today check your refrigerator for almond milk Lou. Diamond is bond terribly recalling half gallon cartons of refrigerated vanilla Almond, breeze almond milk, the almond milk may contain real milk which is not listed on. The label it's safe to drink unless you have a milk allergy one person has reported an allergic reaction the recall involves more, than one hundred and forty five. Thousand cartons ship to twenty, eight states they all, have a used by date of September second the milk can be. Returned for a full refund or exchange, when each latte CBS news ten twenty on to the money now check of your money good morning Frank Motech thanking good morning and we're having good morning for the stock market with the Dow, one hundred three points, right now on the jobs report. Which came out first thing this morning it's considered the. Big enchilada the monthly economic reports the jobs report from the Labor Department shows employers added one hundred fifty seven. Thousand jobs last month a solid gain but below. The pace we've seen the, first half, of this year the nation's. Unemployment rate did take down to three point. Nine percent from four percent near the eighteen year low. Three point eight which we hit. Back in may we did see average hourly pay gains a modest Increasing two. Point seven percent compared to your earlier the same as the previous two months. Also new ratings on service sector today growing at. A. Slower pace last month is business activity. New orders slipped a bit according to the institute for supply management on the trade front we. See the trade deficit widening the month of June. For, the first time in four months as exports fell and imports grew and of course the, war of words continues between the. US, and China with China. Announcing a, sixty. Billion dollar lists now American products it'll target for retaliation of Washington goes ahead with its plan to tax two hundred billion in Chinese imports right now the Dow's. Up one zero four, s and p five hundred. Eight NASDAQ down five. Apple back in the spotlight after an epic run this week moving even,.

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