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I. big things the Justice communications. Network for make this. Show happen thanks Jason who's working the dials and thanks. For tuning in we, really, appreciate, it Follow us on Twitter Dr Dalia. Facebook deduct. The w show so I guess we may have. A new blood type And doctors. In. India have, discovered a new blood. Type not a not a not oh but p no Now I know that. Confuses the hell out of AME it's hard enough for me to learn about all these blood type says, it is, don't give me. New, stuff to learn Yeah you know they came up with a new geometric shape and now we. Got to talk about that I'm like really please don't. Don't come up with anything new I am barely keeping it all together with all the stuff that I gotta learn now Oh what's interesting about this is there was a gentleman who I believe was an accident And this isn't India and he needed a blood transfusion pretty urgently so they typed and. Crossed, by typing and crossing what that means is they grab a sample of his blood And then they look at the blood that they have in the hospital and they find a perfect match Well after about eighty units they couldn't find a perfect match, for this guy so the hospital sent his blood to the international blood, group reference laboratory in the UK And they found out that he had the phenotype p p No it wasn't it was his blood but but the type has gone And It's. Unique it's a, unique let's, say So most of us fall under a b. av and and. Just to quickly review what that, means if you have type a blood then you have these little baby antigens on the outer surface or. The membrane of your. Red blood. Cell they look. Really cute They look a little baby and just red. Blood cells are door Yeah I wrote an, article of my websites you. Can check it out if you want but they're just so cute So have you have type, a blood you got an But then have? Antibodies against b Or a b blood you won't be able to accept beer AB blood because you, only have a antigens Taibbi blood I'm The Ulaby, antigens but then you'll have antibodies against a an. AB AB has both a and, b which is why you. Can't if in an, immunologist It's all or nothing you have to, have only the exact type of antigen but. If you have some of what you have and. Then some others next to what, that aren't now it's not. Gonna work for you If you, have a b- blood yet both AM be if you're type oh you don't have the antigens your red, blood cell is kind of naked And they're so. Cute type of blood cells over liberal cute So if you're typo you don't have antigens on your blood So, somebody would type a type b era I won't fight it So if you're typo you. Are a universal donor We. Love if he'll type of blood type of blood we. As a blood Bank, will not let you sleep Again please I'm not a, blood Bank but one day I would love to own a. Blood Bank, I mean oh, my, God I I want to help these things. Out You know I they what they do to save lives I you, know I'm really into the blood and stuff so type, oh people are universal donors but let's say. You have a b-. Blood if you have. A b- blood your universal, recipient because you have a and b antigens. Then, you can take any blood Abe leads you. Could be blood you can, take blood so if you're type av you are one lucky. Puppy if, you're type oh, you're, the most popular you're the most wanted But, you're not that lucky. You guys remember that What was it The eighty yeah remember. Mr. t. yeah You know he had type of blood and. The only blood he was Murdoch's blood I. Don't. Want the crazy juice Yeah so anyway, so I have an article written on my. Website you guys could check it out then you have the RH, systems the, abo system for a and b antigens but then you have the h.. And the our age there are Most commonly and if you have then you're. RH positive if you don't have the energy into our age negative So if you are a be negative you could Again I don't know, if you're a. Be positive you can take anybody's but, it's wonderful If your own negative if. You have O-negative blood. We really really want it because you have no. Antigens. On, there so I'm be positive so I have, jen's and our h, engines Saint okay So what happens if, you give me type a blood. Taibbi why can have a transfusion reaction so what. Ends up happening is my immune system will start to. Fight and once my immune, system starts, to attack blood you get a lot of casualties so. You start losing a. Lot of blood cells so basically can worsen your. Anemia So. We don't want transfusion reactions now There. Are over two hundred minor group antigens other than abo RH. Abo and RH aren't the only ones so it's not a. Complete shock that this guy in India Had p no which was a very very rare new blood. Type identify because not everything has a b. o. r. h. But here's the problem He'll have a transfusion reaction if we give them, what we commonly have which means they need, to start a registry try to find other people, with p no blood so they could, give it to him or would he has to do, is once he's healthy start donating his old lied and have him save. It for future use that's tough because bled really only lives on the shelf. For forty two days we really don't, like to freeze blood So what happened to, the guy well according to cure on chara professor of Orthopaedics they performed. A quote blood less surgery they did a fracture of femur they did a. Repair that a repair his fever fracture And they did that once they were able. To raise his hemoglobin to a? Desired, level using other medications so my guess is, they gave him some, sort of blew. A blood boosting like throw poet. In other sorts of stuff to help boost his blood Matriarch plenty of fluids and then. Waited until he was he built up enough blood to do the surgery pretty, scary stuff so that's how blood types of work and you know it It's, pretty frightening to think that, there's that much art to it that there's that, much you know that much has to go, into you know that has to go into thought you know before, we give a transfusion that's why it is so. Detrimental that, you know we have people constantly. Available to donate blood and if you guys can't donate blood at least host to drive look, what's happening to California. With a car fire you know. We're having thousands of people displaced these are not, people that are. Going to be able to donate blood. On a regular basis And we have people who. Are now, burn victims that need blood so. We need you to donate blood or host to drive if you can't donate blood that's fine Host to drive it doesn't cost you. Any money the American Red Cross United blood services or your local blood banks does all, the work You know you just have to kind. Of spread the word to go, look is we're doing a blood drive, and then we collect as much blood as possible And then you know the. Blood banks prepare it and then it's, ready to be shipped or to be used locally National budget nation week, is going to be coming up September fourth through the tenth we already have multiple states have claimed blood donation days reach out your local governor and ask him to proclaim a blood donation day if he has it And reach out. To me if. You think, you can. Host a blood drive it is that easy if you're working the blood drive let me know I will find the nearest blood Bank that'll, help host it it's a piece of cake everybody gets cookies they get jus. It's really really fun One eight seven seven one eight seven seven deal. CD a. l. I we're. Talking about condoms. The other day. Because the, CDC had Issued a warning that our. Condom cleaning practices are a. No no you're not supposed to reuse turn it inside out or clean the condom not supposed to do this was throw it. Out now we're being told. That, Durex, condoms has had, to, be recalled because, there's, an issue where they may split don't go away we'll be right back.

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