Judge considers defamation suit against conspiracy theorist Alex Jones


Tracy Nicole windfall ball streets day started it was all, about apple then other news, took a slice out. Of the average is, turning the Dow's gains you an, eighty one point loss it, said twenty five thousand. Three thirty three NASDAQ's up thirty five Five points that is all apple the NASDAQ the s&p is down three points apples. Extra strong earnings reports. And its record-breaking stock helped the NASDAQ to its high if. That was not there would be lower, as well, trade war jitters return to China warned the US against blackmail as the Trump administration considered using threats. Of higher tariffs, to get, China, back to the negotiating table and the Federal Reserve keeping interest rates where they are now and talking up what it's calling strong economy that growth in manufacturing cooled by more than. Expected in. July and the institute for supply management says. It survey found persistent concerns. About the fallout from a trade war business reports at eight and thirty. Eight, past, the, hour I'm Tracy jonky. Bloomberg business on WBZ NewsRadio. Ten thirty WBZ news time four ten in Harrisburg Pennsylvania the Roman Catholic diocese there. Has released a list of seventy. One people linked to the diocese accused of going sexually abusing children In cases going back decades now Bishop, wrong gainer has issued a, public apology saying the churches bishops shared the blame having responded inadequately to these, allegations I have determined that anyone. Who has been accused of sexual misconduct and appears on our list we'll have his name removed from any place of honor throughout the diocese and the Harrisburg diocese also waived any past confidentiality rights agreements so survivors can tell their stories the parents of one of the, twenty children killed in the Newtown Connecticut shootings are in Austin. Texas courtroom today Noah Pozner is parents are trying to convince a judge that they have a valid defamation claim against radio conspiracy theorist Alex Jones Jones has used. His info wars. Radio show and social media platforms to push the theory the, Newtown massacre wasn't, elaborate. Hoax Jones wants the, judge to dismiss the parents defamation lawsuit he now admits the shootings did, happen but says his conspiracy claim Were protected free speech and a new study. Finds, even the, dirt on, the ground we walk on is making climate change worse plants capture massive amounts of carbon and pump it, back into the soil that's, usually where it stays for hundreds or even. Thousands, of years this new report and the journal, nature says that, as temperatures warmed up, around the world fungi and bacteria. In the soil are now becoming more active in these turbocharged microbes are feeding on dead leaves. Implants and that leads to releasing more heat trapping carbon dioxide back into the air WBZ news time four eleven coming up in just. About one minute we'll check the, latest on traffic and weather together but I it's sports here's Tom, Cuddy and the as hticket, dot, com sports, studio Red Sox no game today first of four with the Yankees here tomorrow Chris sale definitely out of that series, no official word yet on the status of, Bogaerts hit, in the right hand again last night xrays. Negative hit by pitch on. The. Right hand rule in the last two weeks of last. Season for Bogart's pages continue preseason training, camp FOX but rob gronkowski Ski at the microphone entertaining is always Tom Brady's birthday is two days, away are present from for, Tom from gronk Yeah Secret.

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