Senate Intel probes experts on election interference amid renewed concerns of 2018


Said to contain the remains of fifty five, Americans last week the war dead or being, transferred to Hawaii where the former process of identification will. Begin vice President Mike Pence will be on hand to receive them. In a statement Pence noted that he is the son of, a Korean war combat veteran and, called this. Occasion deeply humbling two US senators are introducing a Bill that would require the census to ask Americans about their sexual orientation. And gender identity Brian shook. Reports on that the, democratic Senator say having that data would help the federal government provide better services for the LGBTQ community, senators, Kamala Harris California and Tom Carper of Delaware introduced the. Census equality act it would require those questions be included in the long questionnaire That goes to, about one in every thirty eight households by. The twenty thirty census Brian shook NBC News Radio and social media experts will brief the Senate intelligence committee, today on the latest foreign influence operations aimed, at midterm elections the open hearing will focus on how. Foreign intelligence agencies are using social media platforms to conduct influence on. Campaigns today's hearing comes a day after Facebook told congress the, social media giant has removed more, than thirty. Fake pages and accounts from Facebook and Instagram Facebook said it moved after determining the fake accounts and pages were engaged in. Political efforts to influence the. November election sentence in, the hazing story a former Penn State university fraternity brother getting three months of house arrest for his, role, in the 2017 seventeen hazing death of a pledge Ryan. Burke was sentenced yesterday after pleading guilty to nine misdemeanor charges In the death of. Timothy Piazza the nineteen year old pledge was ordered to drink alcohol fell repeatedly including wants down the stairs he injured his brain ruptured his spleen, Burke is the first to be sentenced, in that case the other twenty five defendants all pled not guilty and are, awaiting trial in February. It is six twenty five at k. SRO let's check your traffic Tom Scott the story on, that yeah we've. Got the usual soul going.

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