Violent clashes in Zimbabwe as election results delayed


Hour violent protests in Zimbabwe as election results come in the Trump agenda in inner cities in the US a conspiracy, theory gained some tracks And much more At least three people died today as demonstrators took to the streets of Zimbabwe's capital to protest what they see as the rigging of, Monday's presidential election the sitting president and leader of the Zanu PF party Emmerson Mnangagwa ran against a number of other candidates including the leading challenger Nelson Chamisa, in a. Moment William Brandon we'll talk with a. Reporter from Zimbabwe but first we get the latest from the capital Harare from Jonathan Miller of Independent Television News If you sell out they chance you will see that we are very dangerous It's a threat. Direct Zimbabwe's electoral commission promised that the with the people will not be subverted What are you can see what's happening here there's a lot of anger on the streets on the. Results of the presidential election hasn't even been cold so far, with the parliamentary results coming in it looks like. Zanu PF landslide if as people are denied what they considered to be victory will be chaos Wait until you have an actual results The movement. For democratic change already smells a rat Stowed elections Let that happen this time of the convinced. The results we moved the surging Rox with run into the compound Zanu PF party this is Down down down. Down down This is potentially disasters with the news This way This country so desperate to shed pariah status This.

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