Trump drums up support in Ohio


From ABC news John. Chuck's Iverson Portland Oregon police, are, still breaking, up protesters and counter protesters when things became rowdy cops deployed these flash bangs Stun grenades non-deadly using a blinding flash of light. And loud noise Koch, breaking up the rallies saying some protesters threw rocks bottles and other things ABC's. Marcus more on the scene All of this started with the far. Right group patriot, prayer holding another summertime rally in support of its pro-trump candidate for Senate and drawing scores of supporters I'm here to meet other people that have, the same attitudes I have Trump but. Also protesters among the members of, Antigua donning helmets and masks, rally outside National Rifle Association headquarters in Fairfax Virginia by hundreds of gun control protesters joined by survivors of the parkland, Florida's school shooting including Fred. Gutenberg who's fourteen year old daughter Jamie was killed the idea you can walk around and threaten us. At what our lives at risk is. Simply unconscionable and we will fix this we will fire, the legislators that. Allow it to happen at least kept protesters and counter, protesters apart. The NRA, is advocated arming and training more teachers President Trump's at a rally in Lewis center Ohio outside, Columbus after President Trump tweeted about, a favorite Ohio NBA star LeBron James he said It was just interviewed by the dumbest man on television, Don lemon he made LeBron Looksmart which. Isn't easy to do ABC's Tara, Palmeri at that Ohio rallies, lemon firing back. Criticizing the administration's immigration policy in the process tweeting who's the real dummy a man who puts kids, in classrooms or one you. Put kids in cages he added be best a reference to the first lady's anti-bullying campaign spokesperson for. First lady Melania Trump emailed a statement. Praising LeBron James's work to help children and says the, first lady would. Be open to visiting James's new school in Ohio you're, listening to, ABC news There's still a place Still a place where performances extra effort. By performance enhancing drugs there's still the place where contracts between coaches and. Players terms are non-negotiable there's still a place where ages something you gain by working. Harder than your opponent There's still a place for sport pure that place The high school in your community At..

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