Taking Holidays Might Seriously Prolong Your Life, 40-Year Study Shows


This from Newsweek not taking enough vacation, time could, raise a person's, risk of dying research suggests the study was based on data for me finish businessman who are businessmen, who collected. Data over four decades and suggested going on vacation cuts, the risk of dying by, thirty seven percent Dr Tim o. Strandberg professor of the department of medicine at the. University of Helsinki and co author of the paper told, Newsweek if, you know someone, who doesn't take vacations and works long hours he or she may be at risk of cardiovascular disease Gerry McNamara The findings were presented at the European society, of cardiology To conduct the study researchers assessed information from the Helsinki businessman study on twelve thousand two. Hundred twenty. Four men born between nineteen nineteen and nineteen thirty four And went on, to become company executives the, participants were recruited in one thousand nine hundred seventy four hundred seventy five and had at least one risk factor for cardiovascular disease such as being overweight weight keeping a smoking habit over white Let's, say over white are we, getting back to Jack Nicklaus overweight Did I say over what the you corrected Telling you it's the blonde hair Oh wait Keeping a smoking habit or having, high cholesterol high, blood pressure glucose intolerance or elevated, trying glycerine which means which means you, had symptoms irrespective of whether you were businessmen. Or. Not right that's the. Whole point if you. Have the I see the problem with this survey. Right, now It's wrong fake news well no I just You know I I know, I you, know I when when you understand for example a, significant number of, people who have high. Cholesterol, high, blood pressure High, sugar myself, here, when you when, you get, to the point that your, genetics kicks, off and you get hit with metabolic syndrome irrespective, of your weight Yeah you have to keep it under control, but it, doesn't matter whether you're a businessman working long hours or someone. Who was on who was on public assistance. And food stamps eating the wrong foods bad nutrition either way you're going to end up in the same place the work has nothing, to do with

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