Police officers accused of using coin app to decide if Georgia woman g


With the russian president in helsinki and russia's neighbors are watching closely any of the countries on the baltic sea view the us's position on russian aggression in ukraine as a sign of how the us might seen invasion of their own country and there's been increased russian military activity in the baltic sea countries bordering on the baltic sea are concerned president trump could agree to reduce us military presence in the region like you promised to do in south korea during his summit with north korean leader kim jong a senior european diplomat tells abc news that us officials have tried to calm their fears saying they don't expect major surprises at the summit tara palmeri abc news helsinki president trump says he does plan to bring up the new russian meddling accusations when he meets with vladimir putin a federal grand jury said a dozen officers with russia's military intelligence agency covertly monitored computers of the clinton and democratic campaign committees in two thousand sixteen and stole large amounts of data a couple of cops in an upscale atlanta suburb are in trouble their body cam video shows them making a decision on whether to arrest somebody based on the flip of a coin now these two officers are on administrative leave coin toss now the center of outrage body cameras rolling as roswell georgia police officer courtney browne hedges whether to arrest sarah webb during a traffic stop web initially pulled over for speeding but officer brown later admitting to her partner officer christie wilson she didn't have radar to clock how fast web with actually going the two cops instead turn into an app on their phones using a coin flip to determine fate abc's area rashif the roswell police chief calls the incident appalling and charges against driver have been dropped the coach in twelve young soccer players rescued from that cave and highland or making a strong recovery and could be released as early as thursday remember for news anytime on demand at seven hundred wwl w dot com i'm matt reese newsradio seven hundred wwl w on demand iheartradio online on your smartphone ipad and tablet seven hundred wwl w dot com.

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