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Radio station john and ken show john kobylt and ken chiampou kfi am six forty yes everybody all right coming up after three o'clock we'll check in on trump's little london visit i actually listened to most of that news conference this morning with theresa may just happened to tune in i was like oh this ought to be cool and it's like two people with completely different world views on a lot of things just trying to act like they're buddies i think well it's mostly trump trying to act like he just loves her thinks she's the greatest she doesn't throw a lot of love back but she doesn't stand there and exactly complain about them anyway we'll talk about all this is especially on immigration the story that's big of course in this country right now we'll talk about all this in place of audio on the after the news at three o'clock on the john and ken show i have never heard of and i have to work on pronouncing his name a hockey theater coppola's taki apparently says he's been a columnist john for over forty years forty one years as a spectator columnist is this an entertainment website i don't know i guess he's well known in his world i've seen his name but i don't know anything about him i don't either taki he goes by his first name t a k i at first i didn't know if it's a man or a woman because i was reading the column and then i realized because i googled it is an eight year old greek guy he's eighty he will be se's eighty yes that's why he's been a columnist for over forty one years for spectator i send the reason he's in the news is that he ran a column this morning with an interview with harvey weinstein headline breaks the silence at least that's the way the rest of the media was reporting it and i can tell you now just a couple of hours ago he's retracted the column which again he now says in his forty one years he's never done before well the column is based on a very it's a very short story well he claims it wasn't really an interview it was just a social visit well yeah but i mean there was an exchange and he wrote down the exchange he had with hard director a quotes you can't you can't re how can you retract something that actually happened reported on the conversation they had yes but he's trying to act like as a professional journalist that wasn't the exact setting for an interview and maybe harvey didn't even realize it was an interview and i should not have quoted him in a column because it wasn't really an internal looks like somebody told the truth yes yes people tell the truth the reason this is making news is it harvey weinstein is quoted as saying the following i offered acting jobs in exchange for sex so does everyone they still do he also added he did not force himself on a single woman in fact here's the whole quote which is kinda funny he looked at taki you were born rich and privileged and you were handsome i was born poor ugly jewish defied all my life to get somewhere you got lots of girls no girl looked at me until i made it big in hollywood yes i did offer them acting jobs in exchange for sex but so did and still does everyone but i never ever forced myself on a single woman now he says it took place in his new york office and weinstein's lawyer ben brockman was also there well i mean shortly after the story was published brooklyn's out saying weinstein has been misquoted should and called on hockey to issue a retraction she's now done social call he's not poor gleaned jewish and said i was pressing for the conversation it was not an interview social meeting between old friends harvey kentucky did not discuss the case noone allow him to they talked about old hollywood in contrast to european culture and i think talkie sees harvey in that older light mr weinstein never said anything about trading movie roles for sexual favors you'll have my word that harvey did not say that of course he did and and it's the truth and everybody has known that for for decades but only actresses tell that story so everybody knows it goes on all the time i don't understand what what are we playing pretend about here i you're right trading sex for a movie role is not illegal besides icing yourself is a legal i.

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