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Washed out at the us and called the meetings regrettable in a statement carried by the korean central news agency the us just came out with such unilateral robber like denuclearization demands that go against the spirit of the north us summit meeting farrell left without meeting remitted kim jong on but with commitments for new discussions on denuclearization officials in thailand safer now conditions are perfect to try to rescue twelve boys in their soccer coach trapped inside of flooded cave the same decision will have to be made soon before more rainfalls and that's expected to happen within days rescuers who fed along air pipe into the cave to restore oxygen levels haiti's prime minister has announced this expansion until further notice of a fuel price hike that triggered violent protests and left at least one person dead in the caribbean nation the government had said the country needed to raise prices to balance the budget firefighters in the west are making progress against him blaze use raw struggling to tame others that forced evacuations of hundreds of homes one of those is in yucaipa california were thousand acre wildfire for seven hundred homes to be evacuated the fire erupted near a church camp where five hundred were camping out we started seeing smoke and the smoke develops and it started to come over the ridge sent people scrambling to safety a terrible collision between a pickup truck and a mini van in delaware wcbs tv reported at least rosner the impact killed sixty one year old audi marquez trinidad and his four daughters caitlin twenty dennis seventeen and thirteen year old twins melissa and allison their mother fiftythreeyearold mary rose was rushed to the hospital and is expected to survive audi's brother flew to new jersey from miami blink of an eye lost everything the truck driver was treated and released from the hospital colossal barrier with gates that open for ships is being proposed wall off new york harbor from the atlantic and protect the.

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