Nissan admits to more testing misconduct for cars sold in Japan


Hello this is david austin with the bbc news four more people have been pulled out of a flooded cave network in northern thailand on the second day ever dramatic rescue operation the individuals were carried out on stretches from the tamdan cave complex bbc teams have seen ambulances flying away from the caves ambulances arrive at a hospital in the nearby city of chiang rai for boys where rescued on sunday and patients is outside the hospital this has been a roller coaster of emotions and people are expecting or hoping for good news in terms of the boys behind me they were four of them were brought here yesterday according to tie officials daring good health they haven't been reunited with their families officials are saying that the cats in quarantine there is some suggestion that perhaps they made meet their families later on in the day they'll be able to see them but perhaps they will be able to touch them because they're fearful or perhaps they may have picked up on the disease factions inside back cave ethiopia and eric trae have declared officially that the state of war that existed between them is over the leaders of the two countries signed the joint declaration in the era and capital asmara here's africa editor mary harper a few months ago this would have been unimaginable with intransigent leaders ethiopia and era seemed permanently locked in hostilities but ethiopia's new prime minister ahmed changed all that by seeding disputed territory to era trailer as recommended by an international boundary commission that opened the floodgates for change and now the two countries have agreed to restore multiple links including in transport telecommunications and diplomacy the japanese maker nissan has admitted the data concerning exhaust emissions has been falsified it most of its factories in japan promised take appropriate action to avoid similar mistakes in the future russell pablo has the details says it discovered data on emissions was falsified when it was investigating several procedures following an order by the japanese government to look into misconduct by staff in the final inspection of cars the company said the tests on exhaust emissions and fuel economy a dvd from the prescribed testing environment but it hasn't revealed how many cars were involved in the offering of data or if it involved vehicles manufactured outside japan this set a full and comprehensive investigations being carried out to find out the causes of the misconduct and it will implement appropriate countermeasures based on the results the supreme court in india has upheld the death penalty for three men convicted for the gang rape and murder of a young woman in delhi in twenty twelve the attack against jodi sing on a public bus sparked an outcry across india and prompted the introduction of tougher laws and penalties for crimes against women world news from the bbc this is wnyc in new york i'm richard hake immigrant activists want answers afro brooklyn couple was detained while trying to visit their daughter and soninlaw at the fort drum military base on july fourth daniel altschuler heads civic engagement from make the road new york he says the case is similar to that of the undocumented man arrested in june while delivering pizza to a military base in brooklyn eater folks who've been to before presented the same forms of identification in the past the difference this time is military officials decided to question their identity telemundo forty seven reported that concepcion and margarito silva had shown their new york city issued id cards but we're asked for more documents customs and border protection spokesperson says they admitted to being illegally here and are now what did the tension center near buffalo summertime for subway riders means the occasional car where the air condition is broken but wnyc's gwynne hogan reports that the one train has the worst the.

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