Rescue operation underway to save boys trapped in cave


O'clock is brought to you by car for kids and mr schwab and good morning we have sunny skies and sixty four at o'hare the operation to rescue those twelve boys and their soccer coach in thailand from a flooded cave is now underway officials lawn the operation overnight the rescue of all thirteen expected to take up to four days the first boy expected to be brought out of the cave later this morning here's abc's matt got me poured here today and it's going to continue to rain hard over the next couple of days there is serious concern about more water inside that cave that as the oxygen level has been reduced their over the past couple of days so they are really racing against the clock here and we have word that the first of the rescued boys may arrive around nine o'clock our time we certainly will be following this story all morning four people were hurt when an air ambulance heading for a southside hospital crashed along i fifty seven near the bishop ford yesterday here's wgn's eric rung there were transporting one patient who we are told that was in critical condition on their way to the gary airport that patient is still in critical condition a patient being transported already critical and the flight crew also taken to area hospitals word is they're in stable edition of phoenix immigration judge says a oneyearold honduran boys case raises red flags over a looming court ordered deadline for the trump administration to re unite small children with their families also a federal judge in san diego has given the administration until next tuesday to reunite kids under five with their parents and until july twenty sixth for all others on the dan ryan expressway yesterday thousands of people marching along the expressway in the northbound lanes drawing attention to the cities gun violence governor rauner called the shutdown unacceptable and in a tweet yesterday the mayor said that the peaceful the protest was peaceful no injuries were reported an offduty at city police officer was treated for a gunshot wound yesterday after being shot during an exchange of gunfire getting out of his car the officer said to people exchanged shots with them they drove off the investigations continuing sports traffic.

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