UK police cite 'high dose' in nerve agent death


In time our next cover traffic at ten thirty four forecast calls for some partly sunny skies and seventy five today partly sunny with a chance of a scattered shower tomorrow and again seventy five eighty on wednesday sunny and eighty five coming up on thursday we had some really nice weather on the way right now over to saudi and seventy six jonah vancouver washington right now it's cloudy and sixty three friday harbor sixty four and clouds right now downtown seattle we've got sixty five under mostly sunny skies at ten twenty five the actor at the center of a hollywood hostage situation is now telling his story it had all the makings of a hollywood who done it to actors joseph capone and daisy mccracken feen and movies like halloween resurrection michael myers had fits of rage that he could not control kidnapped from home pistol whipped dragged into a car leaving only a trail of blood one of their alleged kidnappers arrested on the streets of l a g directly on the head with the gun and then proceeded stop and give me a pretty good beating now joseph capone exclusively speaking out to abc news about his ordeal he grabbed me by the collar and dragged me outside and dragged me down driveway and threw me in the back of a car where daisy was already in the back seat and they put bags overheads and then proceeded to drive at the second location says he tried to fight the kidnappers resulting in a violent beating they stripped me naked and they threw me in this filthy bathroom with no lights on for the next thirty hours authorities say capone sat alone in the bathroom naked without food while mccracken was being driven from atm atm withdrawing money for the kidnappers and forced to write a ten thousand dollar check to guarantee capone's release they said things like if she doesn't come through a man i don't know what i'm going to have to do i don't know what's gonna happen to the three suspects in the case keith andrea steward john jones and aber neil seen here in that now viral arrest video all face multiple years behind bars if convicted but stewart attorney says he is innocent and the jones and mccracken had a previous relationship capone says one of the attackers did seem to know her daisy had known him in some capacity i'm not sure but my spidey sense was kind of tingling it felt weird i felt like something was off regardless of what happens next in the case coban tells us he's doing fine and is ready to move on with his life i'm not a victim on the survivor i think it's an state of mind that happened what's tomorrow defendants are expected to appear in a pretrial hearing two weeks from today abc's amy rohbock reporting british police say they believe the latest victims of poisoning from the nerve agent nova chalk must have come into close contact with the toxin charles de la desma has more which is please say they believe the latest victims of poisoning by the nerve agent novi chuck must've handled the materials container assistant commissioner neil best sue says the death of dolan sturgis on sunday shows that she and her partner johnny rhody who exposed to a high dose of the military grade nerve agent the working theory is that exposure is linked to the earlier novacek attack in march on ex russian spy sergei scruple and his daughter you ya basta says the search is focusing on stugotz's unruly homes and a park in salisbury really remains in critical condition in the city hospital charles desma london babe truth or deer dare i dare you to impress me okay alexa tell toyota to start.

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