Yu Darvish of Chicago Cubs will miss rest of the season with elbow, triceps injuries


We must have must address Darvish done for the season It's not a stress fracture but it's the the. Preliminary feelings of stress fracture he's out six weeks will put him to. The end of the year no more Yu Darvish for. The Chicago, Cubs this season and the I guess the good part is the ligament that was repaired from his. Tommy John surgery is fine so he will not. Need any Tommy John surgery he'll just have to deal with this and should be back for next year because the philosophy is if he has, to have Tommy John surgery he's out, for a whole 'nother year then you lose him for two years essentially of his contract and then. Futures up in the, air but now you know it's not. That he was being soft there was there's something wrong something was found and gave reason to. Why he was in pain and this is why you Darvish may very well in a short matter of time become one of the most polarizing players for us to watch Chicago sports fans since Jay Cutler Because we until now haven't known whether or not he was actually hurt or if he couldn't handle the moment right and that allows people, to speculate on the character of the, player now he's hurt so he's going to be done for the season but it's something that's always. Going to be in, the back of your mind as he. Comes back from rehabbing this into next season will ever pitch in a big game for the. Chicago Cubs

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