Largest wildfire in California history to burn for rest of August


That sound air tankers helping to battle what's now the largest wildfire in California state, history also we're learning more about that cave creek. Man who died after jumping out of a freezer, and a Manhattan restaurant and attacking a worker and the, help wanted signs out for Phoenix speedy but is. Anyone paying attention now. The top story here's Jayme what a horrific start to California's wildfire season which is now delivered the, largest fire, in state history are wildfire. Expert KTAR Jim cross is live with the latest now eighteen large fires burning across the state of California north south fourteen thousand firefighters, working non-stop almost three. Hundred of those firefighters from Arizona overnight Mendocino complex fire grew incised to become the largest wildfire. On record in state history bigger than Los Angeles Thomas fire became, the largest fire in California's history that fire broke out in December and overnight the, Mendocino complex fire surpass that. Fire Keep in mind we're still only in August and right now more than a million and a. Half acres burning in fourteen states nationally Nine of those fires but none of them are threatening homes live in the news center Jim cross KTAR news Some of, that hazing in air that's coming. Right from those, fires as well. All. Right let's get over to detour Dan who's in the valley Chevy dealers, traffic center are let's do it man we've got ourselves a pretty decent commute when it comes. To the freeways only one? Crash getting in the way and. It's not even blocking actually. Eastbound near seventh street, that? Wreck is. Off right the service streets all morning long have been your biggest, problem there still are two right not twenty seventh avenue still closed north and southbound Indian school up to Campbell both directions that is where police. Investigation work you're, going to want to get with thirty Fifth Avenue or nineteenth avenue. And the, surface streets man like I say there's a bunch, of wrecks on a watch your, step Camelback inn. Twelfth street a crash Camelback east of forty three. Rd avenue a wreck others at Chandler boulevard east of McQueen another record forty three rd avenue and, union hills eighty third avenue in Indian school Alevis to..

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