One in 7 babies prenatally exposed to Zika has health problems, CDC says


Weekend in the city Why should I This over, the weekend officials say at least eleven people were shot to death and dozens. Were wounded pastor James Brooks called on people to stop blaming each other and unite against gun violence is, a big problem but we need. To come together And block hands and say we can't stand, it anymore we will not stand for it anymore we must save our most of. The shootings occurred in, low income neighborhoods where gangs are active so far no arrests have been made new research from the centers for disease control and prevention says babies can develop problems caused by, the Zeke of virus even when they seem fine. When they're, born NPR's rob Stein has more the CDC followed northern fourteen hundred babies who are exposed, to Zico in the, womb when their mothers got infected with the virus when they were pregnant it's the largest study to follow Zico exposed babies so far six percent were born, with birth, defects such, as very small heads and severely damaged brains a condition called microcephaly but a, total of fourteen percent had developed some kind of problem that could have been. Caused by the virus by their first birthdays that included vision problems developmental delays and seizures twenty babies develop, microcephaly even though their heads were Normal at birth rob starring NPR news the Dow, is up one hundred and forty seven points the s&p is up ten this is NPR, news from k. q. e. d. news I'm Tiffany Cam high around fourteen thousand firefighters. Are battling seventeen large, wildfires across California today so far those blazes have killed nine people burned more than six hundred nineteen thousand acres and damaged or destroyed over two thousand buildings yesterday the blazes, known as the Mendocino complex became California's largest fire. On record, burning more than two hundred ninety thousand acres and lake Mendocino and Qaluza counties over half, of lake counties acreage, has been affected by fire since two thousand fifteen the Ferguson fire burning end and around Yosemite has charred through ninety four thousand acres and the car fire, and Chester, county has, burned more than one hundred sixty seven thousand acres Bart says it's considering a. Long list of measures to improve safety after a spate of. Deadly violence on the. Transit system cake Dan Brekke says the first, of those. Steps may already be able. To patrons the Bart police department has cancelled regular days. Off where patrol officers who. Will be working six ten hour shifts a week until further. Notice Bart says that means more officers aboard trains and in stations the district's board of directors will also discuss a host of other. Proposals this week from general manager grace chronic on made in the wake of three unrelated homicides on the system in late July those measures include stepping up efforts against fare evasion training. Station staffer backup security roles and enhancing BART's existing surveillance. System if fully implemented the new measures would cost at least twenty five million dollars I'm Dan Brekke Kate tweedy news and I'm Tiffany Cam high k..

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