Google gets slapped with $5BN EU fine for Android antitrust abuse


All that after the president said, he meant to say, why wouldn't Russia want to interfere a day after suggesting he had doubts about intelligence agencies concerns. Bob Costantini says, the president has been tweeting. More talking points today may have misspoken Monday as he said, he did on Tuesday, but today President Trump with another clarification on Twitter quote Putin. And I discussed many important subjects at our earlier meeting. We got along well, which truly bothered many haters who wanted to see a boxing match. Big results will come in quote, continuing on the haters steam after a couple of tweets about the economy. Mr. Trump writes, quote, some people. Hate the fact that I got along well with President Putin of Russia they would rather. Go to. War then see this it's called Trump derangement syndrome quote he has Russia may be able to help with bringing North Korea's Kim Jong. Hoon around to total denuclearisation Bob Costantini Washington authorities have ruled the death of a Chicago, fire department diver accidental more than a month after he was pulled from the, Chicago river diver one Busey oh had gone into the. Water to search for the body, of a twenty eight, year old would fall it off of a boat may twenty-eighth shortly after entering the river emergency. Responders called for, help for UCLA who was. Pulled from the water and taking a stroke hospital where he, was pronounced dead he, died of a fixture with depletion of air from his diving. Tank due to cardiac arrhythmia was caused by a rare. Cardiovascular disease that can, cause heart failure who left behind a wife and two young boys. European Union regulators have slapped Google, with a five billion dollar antitrust fined for abusing the dominance of its. Android mobile operating, system, the us WHO's European commission executive body ordered the combinator put an end to illegal conduct within ninety days or else. Face additional, fines and penalties Google said in a statement that it would appeal the ruling arguing against the view that it software is restrictive of fair competition. Up proposal. For, a high voltage power line carrying wind energy across the midwest as received a jolt of new life this after the Missouri supreme court ruled that regulators wrongly rejected it the court ruling yesterday means that Missouri must reevaluate whether clean line energy partners deserve approval for a two point three billion dollar. Project that would build one of the longest electric transmission lines in the US you'll have to find a cone or shake somewhere other than one south suburban ice cream shop our Jennifer Keiper says that's because the. Driver of a vehicle slammed into the place early Tuesday people were injured when a vehicle crashed into the Dairy Queen on the. Seventeen hundred Block of ridge road in. South suburban homeland officers were, called around three thirty AM Tuesday and found that one passenger had gotten out of the. Vehicle but the driver had to be pulled out by firefighters both were taken to a hospital to home with Dairy Queen says on its Facebook page that it, will remain closed until further notice because of the damage caused in the crash which. Is still being investigated Jennifer Keiper WLS AM eight ninety s news..

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