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Live from NPR news in. Washington I'm Janine Herbst White House press secretary Sarah Sanders is refusing to say, whether President, Trump consulted. With national security aides before sending a late night tweet that. Appeared to, threaten war with Ron the tweet came in response to, remarks from Iran's president Hassan Rohani warning that, war with Iran would be the mother of all war NPR ceremony Kevin has. More from the White House Trump's tweet and all caps warned Iran's president to quote. Never ever, threaten the United States again or you will suffer consequences, the likes of which few throughout history have suffered before questioned about the tweet White House press secretary Sarah Sanders pointed to the Iranian leaders remarks the president's been I think pretty strong since day one in his. Language towards Iran he was. Responding to comments made from. Them and he's going to continue to focus on. The, safety insecurity of American people senators declined to give details on what it would take for Trump to negotiate directly she. Said the goal is to? Keep nuclear weapons out of Iran Hands Trump recently pulled out of the Iran nuclear deal over the objections of many US allies Serra mccamman NPR news the White House newly released. Commercial satellite images indicate North Korea has started making good, on its pledge to dismantle a space launch rocket engine testing complex as NPR's. David welna reports it's the first sign that Kim Jong UN is fulfilling what President. Trump says he promised, to do in their meeting last month, in Singapore the satellite photos. Were published by thirty eight north of respected independent website that analyzes developments North, Korea they, show before. And after shots of the so high satellite launch site with. The partial, dismantlement of a rail mountain structure where space launch vehicles, are assembled it also appears to show the, complete dismantlement of a rocket engine vertical test stand six weeks ago President Trump. Declared North Korea was destroying the site the website however says the demolition work seems. To have, begun only in the past two weeks other reports indicate North Korea is actually ramping up its nuclear. Weapons program David welna, NPR news Washington in Toronto an investigation continues into why twenty nine year old Fazle Hussain opened fire and the busy greektown section of the city Sunday night killing, two people and. Wounding thirteen others he was found dead after exchanging gunfire with police but it's unclear if he died from the shootout or a self inflicted. Wound Toronto police detective sergeant Terry Brown we have control of the city this is an, incident that has occurred is tragic incident there are many many many moving parts and victims to this incident but we will get through this family says he suffered from. Mental severe mental health problems but they could never have imagined this happening Wall Street ending the day, in mixed territory the Dow down thirteen points the. NASDAQ up, twenty, one the s. and p. five hundred up five points you're listening to NPR. News from Washington And I'm Jamie Floyd for WNYC in New York former New York state legislative employees who say they've experienced sexual harassment, while working in the capital are calling. On the state attorney general Andy elected officials to, release them from nondisclosure agreements members of the sexual harassment working group say the state, utilizes NDA's to keep victim. Silent by threatening monetary penalties attorney. General candidate zephyr teach out says this contributes to a. Culture of silence, around, investigating and punishing harassers at the state level, nobody understands who and how and where they should go to get a final result and, no one is finally responsible teach out is calling on, the state's ethics commission to be, more transparent about investigating harassment, and project witnesses who do come forward after some setbacks the fifteen month old. Pilot program to clean up the Ghana's Canal is in its final stages. EPA regional administrator Pete Lopez said today it took longer than expected. To figure out how to dredge the canal problem, started when crews began to install steel plates along the sides of the canal initial approach was a little too vigorous for the canal. Was creating some some vibration that was causing some, problems with the Jason building so we. Had to rethink that the vibrations even caused the promenade of the whole foods in Ghana's to sink slightly into the canal the says the pilot which focused on only small portions of the canal is, six months behind schedule full dredging on the rest of the waterway won't begin until..

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