Business rule: Treat your employees well and they will treat your customers well


Business radio, talk with Craig, MC, voi-, Craig. You've given us some great insights. One of the most important ones I want to go back to even before you. You hit us with these four principles that are in the. Doc was to focus on the employee's first and I can't tell you how many times I've quoted herb Kelleher on how important it is that if you take care of the employs a tear care, the passengers on south west airlines, and if the passengers are happy, they fly again, that makes all the stakeholders and stockholders happy. It starts with employs you hire good people. You make them happy. They wanna come to work. They wanna take care of customers and it's more than just their job at something they're fulfilled in some great takeaways so far, you know, start with the brand purpose. Know who your audience is, your customers, your employees and the community people that aren't necessarily customer, but we'll talk about you and what's the approach used to reach the audience in the fourth principle was, what channels are you using to connect with the audience? All right. Give us one or two more. Before we end up here. You've got great content, and if this doesn't entice people to say, I want more and we'll find out in just a few minutes how they can get more of you not just your book, but give us another one. Or two of these nuggets. So we've spoken about the the employees being many important, and I'll fifth principle that we work with is about what is it that you offer as a brand? What is it? You offer that any different than anyone else in the marketplace and how do you expect to attract the right consumers and the best customers on those? So the best employees, if you don't have an offer, that's compelling indifference, you competition, right. So you know, employee experiences is absolutely paramount on the best people will go to work for the best brands and the best friends are the ones that are identifying who the right fit is for those, though their own brand, who's the right people to work for for that brand. I'm wanted his, they value so that they can offer them an experience. That means they never wanna leave unless the same, whether you're a customer or you're an employee, how. Do you make it feel like this is such a good fit for me? I don't really ever want to go anywhere else. I love it. All right. Number six. Well, number six is a huge topic, and that's roundabout the topic of what we call advantage. But really, it's about understanding how you can use insights in order to drive value to create competitive advantage. So you know, we live in now way you can collect that much dates about somebody. It's unreal. Yes, so so we have so much so much dates, trillions of gigabytes dates for about people, but yet none of that really matters unless you can use it effectively and turn into insulin value. Right, right. But if you get the right, if you get it right, you can really, really stunned down. You can really make a customer feel like you understand them Beck's anyone else. It takes away the hassle because you you just know what they want and you make sure that you make it easy for them to get what they need

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