New York State plans to install anti-terrorism facial recognition technology


And what they did a console many dolls for females in aviation After the news BBC's Hello I'm Garris follow the former Pakistani cricket star Imran Khan has declared victory in the general election amid accusations of vote-rigging by rivals in a live. Television address Mr. Khan said his party was successful and had been. Given a mandate he also promised that his government's will be the first that will not carry out. Any political victimization Sarah, Pakistan unitl I stay. Or Pakistan to unite I want to make clear that any of our opponents people who voted against us I think the kind of personal attacks that I faced no one has ever faced and before I have forgotten. All of this and Pretoria. This behind me this is not about me this is about my country partial, results indicate Mr. Khan's party will emerge as the single, largest impediment succumbed commodity is in Islam about supporters and journalists have been gathering outside Iman cons house on the. Outskirts of Islamabad off to delays in the counting of the votes results, are, still coming in there. Seems to be a consensus. That. His party have secured the most seats they're likely to fall just short of an outright majority but analysts say they should easily be able to form a government. By allying with independent candidates or smaller parties the PM then party. Which has been power for the past five years however has rejected the results human rights groups had Raised. Concerns about the build up to the polls amidst allegations Pakistan's powerful military we're trying. To fix the result in favor of Mr. Khan's party both he and the army. Have dismissed those claims Mr. Kearney's seen by many voters as a break, from the dynastic politics that. Is dominated the country for, decades a government minister. Increase says one of the country's worst won't find disasters was exacerbated by residents in the hardest hit community Panos commandos the defense minister told the BBC people in the resort of Marty had built unlicensed properties near wooded. Areas thus blocking their own. Escape routes Mr. commandos insisted the Greek defence forces acted promptly in difficult weather, conditions the man seen as Iran's key military commander in, Syria Iraq and given has issued a strong threat to President Trump not Twitter Iran in a speech Qasim Sulamani. Who's head of the coots force told Mr. Trump that if he started, a, war Iran would finish. It Sebastian OSHA reports Wants a. Figure of the shadows exerting a near mythic influence Iranian military engagements around the world Qassam Suleimani has increasingly come out. Into the open in the past few years pictures of a grizzled commander smiling on various frontlines of popped up. Regularly some Photoshop others genuine, now he's been quoted on Iranian television channeling inflammatory rhetoric at the US president in response to Mr. Trump's. Own recent tweet warning in block capitals but Iran will suffer untold consequences if its leaders threaten America again, well with news from the BBC. This is WNYC in New York at nine oh four good morning I'm. Kerry Nolan New York state is installing facial recognition software, to catch criminals at the city's bridges and tunnels WNYC Zoe, as ULA has, more at a press conference governor Cuomo painted a picture of a world where facial recognition technology guarded the city at its airports bridges, and, tunnels keeping Track of those who, enter an exit he claimed facial recognition tack is. The future of anti-terrorism security privacy and activist, groups disagree executive director, of, NYC l. you Donna Lieberman says. The tech sometimes gets faces wrong can receive tend to be in the area. Of young people old people, women people of color so you're talking about. Like lots, of, vulnerable. Populations the MTA says so far it's. Just a pilot and no data's being shared with law enforcement adding our priority is balancing public safety with, civil liberties New Jersey's attorney general. Is responding after two local radio. Hosts, made racist and xenophobic comments about him on air Gooby or gray wall. Tweeted, his. Name this. Morning and added. Quote I'm the sixty first attorney general of New Jersey I'm a Sikh American I have three. Daughters, and yesterday I told them to turn off the, Radio New jersey one zero one point five hosts Dennis Malloy and Judi Franco said they couldn't recall gray walls name, yesterday And referred to, him as quote turban man and quote the guy with a turban. The station says both have been taken off the air. Until further notice a post office in Chinatown will soon get a name change to honor late suffragette and local community organizer President Trump signed a Bill into law renaming the door. Your street building the Mabel Lee memorial post office. Lee who died in. Nineteen sixty six was the first Chinese woman to receive a PHD from Columbia, University she was well. Known for organizing classes for Chinatown's residents congresswoman Nydia Velazquez sponsored the bipartisan Bill this is WNYC Hello and welcome to NewsHour from the BBC World Service coming.

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