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If the evidence is sufficient against health department director Nick Lyons www legal analyst Charlie Langton sees on. Possible a problem with the most serious charge which is involuntary manslaughter although there. May have been maybe misconduct in office maybe Nick, Lyons didn't perhaps notify the residents Flint make the connection. Between the failure to notify and the death I think the judge is going to have a problem connecting I think that that's the charge that may not get bound over Lyon is, the highest ranking state. Official facing charges in. The Flint water crisis with the unexpected passing of, Sergio Marchi Oni tributes are pouring in from, auto motive leaders across the globe about. The former Fiat Chrysler CEO four chairman Bill forgery memory Marconi. As one of the most respected, leaders in the industry and General Motors. CEO Mary. Barra saying he left a remarkable legacy our thoughts are with family and, friends as well as the entire FTA came over his son in law I think we all agree Sergio remembered for the many many accomplishing, accomplishments he, had in our. Industry UAW vice president Cindy Estrada is in charge of Fiat Chrysler, negotiation said Marconi's vision. Changed people's lives also among those reacting to the. News of the, death of Sergio Marconi Senator. Gary Peters he reflected on one of the key accomplishments of Chrysler's. Former CEO Chrysler was literally teetering right on the break of. Not just a bankruptcy but a possible liquidation it required inspired leader Ship to turn that around. And, right, now Chrysler, is surly is successful and continues to employ many many folks in the in Michigan and a large measure of that as. As result of Sergio's leadership and and really his vision for that company Peter says that as a member of. The commerce, committee he had many conversations with Mark over the years calling him one of the top auto executives in, the industry Fiat Chrysler stock has dropped eleven percent at the start of trading today here's WWE, business, editor Murray Feldman part of this is reaction. To the news that Sergio Marchi only has died something nobody really outside the family thought was possible just. A week ago but also. The company posting some disappointing, earnings today something they rarely do slow sales in China had, a lot to do with that but Wall. Street doesn't like surprises and they got. Two of them today with Chrysler a closer look at your money coming up at eleven, twenty five WWE news time is eleven oh seven Google spinoff Google. Spinoff Waymo says it's now launching a pilot program with WalMart later this, week that will allow. Customers to use it Driving car service to pick. Up groceries at WalMart stores Waymo said in a blog post.

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