11 Big Banks Create $30 Billion Rescue Package for First Republic


11 big banks, including JPMorgan Chase, Wells Fargo, Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, and more announced last night that they would take these somewhat theatrical step of depositing $30 billion worth of uninsured deposits into the troubled first republic bank. But even that move, along with the introduction of the fed's latest bailout window, it might still not be enough to quiet concerns about just how stable and safe the U.S. banking system really is, just this morning as we go to air, even with yesterday's rescue still in the headlines, we're seeing first republic stock trading down nearly 25%. Zach, we've had a backstop, a lending facility that lets banks basically exchange their get their cash back for bad investments made and essentially the best terms. And now the big banks are throwing cash at the problem also. What do you think it will take for the regulators to restore confidence in the banking system or is that something that we're not even really expecting at this point? Well, you know at first republic bank doesn't have the taint of crypto attached to it. That's the thing that stands out to me as it relates to its ability to survive while we see signature be wound down. Obviously this crisis is one of confidence. If you look at people who are researching this issue, pretty much all midsize banks are having this issue, right? They bought bonds that are now worth far less than what they were marked as on their books, right? So clearly, I think people are worried that this could spread to other banks across the country, not just those in California who service, tech firms, but again, those who have customers who are looking to find yields and who are realizing that in this interest rate environment, they can go elsewhere to get yield and they can take that money out of a bank quickly in the palm of their hand and deposit it in a money market account, but they can deposit it with treasuries at their own will, right? So I think clearly what we're seeing is a response to sort of this systemic reality in which we now find ourselves in where money is moving as fast as it ever has. Faster than ever indeed. And all of a sudden, billions and billions of dollars are being drawn out of these banks in hours time. It's quite remarkable and I think that's why we're seeing these remarkable steps.

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