GOP leader 'pausing' social media after liking naughty LGBTQ posts


Tennessee's lieutenant governor Randy mcnally is taking a break from social media. Last week, 79 year old Republican Randy mcnally said he had no intention of stopping after revelations that he repeatedly commented on racy post by a 20 year old gay model and other LGBTQ personalities. The lieutenant governor of Tennessee has been accused of hypocrisy and was lampooned on Saturday Night Live this week for among other things, saying his intent was engagement and encouragement when he commented with hearts and fire emojis on a photo of the young man's backside. Mcnally has issued an apology, saying he did not mean to embarrass anyone, and says he's pausing all social media activity to reflect and receive more guidance. Mcnally denies having a record that his anti gay that says he supports traditional marriage and has supported legislation restricting drag shows. Meanwhile, the Tennessee Senate has passed a bill that would base people's legal gender identities on their anatomy at birth and prevent transgender people from changing their driver's licenses and birth certificates to match their chosen gender identity. I'm Jennifer King

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