A highlight from 364: Six Ways I No Longer Struggle in My Home

A Slob Comes Clean


Welcome to a slob comes clean the podcast. I am Dana K white. I share my personal D.C. process as I figure out ways to keep my own home under control. I share the truth about cleaning and organizing strategies that actually work in real life for real people. People who don't love, cleaning and organizing. Thanks for joining me today. This is podcast number 360 four, I think, right? Yes. 360 four, and I am calling it 6 things I don't struggle with anymore in my home. Because last week or recently, if I said the number, then it was last week. If I didn't say the number, then it was recently. I did a podcast on 6 ways that I still struggle in my home. And I thought, well, let's do another one on ways that I don't struggle anymore. Things that legitimately are not hard. Like they used to be. So I just want to remind you, also, you know, I have books, right? So I am an author. I have three books, traditionally published that are out there, organizing for the rest of us decluttering at the speed of life and how to manage your home without losing your mind. They're available wherever books are sold as well as in most public libraries. So I highly recommend if you are completely overwhelmed, it's getting to be the end of January might be the beginning of February at the time this comes out. But if you're just so overwhelmed and you're like, I. Get one of the books, right? Listen to it. Listen to decluttering at the speed of life. The audiobook and work as you go. That will give you the process for your whole house changing your whole house and clutter. So what are some things that I don't struggle with anymore? I don't struggle with the desire to sell things. I once upon a time was an eBay seller at the same time, I was a garage sale buyer, I would buy all kinds of things to sell them on eBay, and I did pretty well, and at the time we needed the money. Like I don't fault anyone for selling on eBay. I know there are some people who are like, oh, just don't do that. No, that's bad for clutter. It is bad for clutter. I mean, it is bad for clutter. And yet, there was a time where we needed that money. And so that's what I did. I would buy things at garage sales, kids clothes, small little things, whatever. I would sell it on eBay. And yet, also, that's the thing that sent me over the edge and made me start an anonymous slab blog back in 2009. So it's not like there's not a downside. I mean, there is a downside. And that's the clutter that happens. So I know a lot about selling. I know that it's a lot of work to sell. It's selling your clutter is not free money. Like, it's just not. It is a ton of work. Figuring out

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