My Diary

Full Body Chills


You see crazy stuff working on the police force and Weird County is far from the exception. Some drunk driving along more on the highway. A group of Campers going missing on Mount Eighty bodies floating down. Copper Creek. Comes with the job I. Guess. But then there are. The other things. You can't really call them crazy because it's crazy. Doesn't do them justice. It's the stuff that kind of rocks your world view. makes. You question how you thought the world out of work. Anywhere else in officer would be lucky or. Maybe unlucky to experience even one of those moments. But in weird. It's almost like a right of passage. You serve long enough and sooner or later you're going to have a story worth telling. I heard a lot of these stories from some of the old vets on the force. If he was in a good mood or a particularly bad one. I could squeeze a story out of Oh Daniel Down in cold-case division. David Blair, my old mentor well took convincing just to get him to shut up. Every. So often one would hit the news Dr Denver's Miss Albert. There the watered down versions, of course. They have to be. If you would hear one of these stories straight from Blair. You'd think he's playing a trick on you. But once you've earned your own story everyone else's becomes. A little more believable. I hadn't heard my story yet. Till today that is. We were called in after paramedics. House fire. Several victims were caught inside emergency units had done their work, putting out the flames and saving who they could. Save but. The poor soul they pulled out. You can't survive long with insights that unfortunately. No one else made it. We were there to clean up the mess interview neighbors you know my job. I would have probably said that this was all just your usual crazy. But I. Found something. A diary. Not far from the scene just left out under a tree, it appears to have belonged to a kid. I think I. Think it's better if I

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