New York City continues to identify COVID 'areas of concern'


And not essential businesses could be shut down as early as tomorrow in some parts of New York City. Let's hear about that from WCBS. Steve Burns on growth in Corona virus numbers. These areas of concern represents 7% of the city's population, but 23% of its new cases over the past two weeks, according to the city Health Department. Among those neighborhoods graves end Midwood Borough Park in Bensonhurst with positivity rates ranging from 4% to nearly 7% were watching this very, very carefully, mayor de Blasio told WN. I see there's an aggressive effort in the community in English and Yiddish, and that's everything that's robo calls that sound trucks. A lot of in person activity without signs of progress. The city has said it'll look at shutting down private schools and non essential businesses in these areas as soon as Tuesday. The timing has faced some criticism. Former City Council member David Greenfield tweets of the city ignored the Hasidic community for months, letting beliefs grow around herd immunity before issuing a threat just prior to Yam Kippur. Steve Burns, WCBS news Radio 80 and speaking of

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