Who's In Biden's Cabinet?


Elect Biden's Cabinet is starting to take shape ahead of tomorrow's official announcements. We're learning some some of the key names that will lead national security efforts during the Biden administration. Joining us now, with more details is Bill Fairies who leads our national security team here? A Bloomberg News All right, Bill Tony Blinken to secretary of State. Who else do we know is going to be in on the national security team. Kevin. Well, thanks a couple other key names Jake Jake sold on. It was one of Hillary Clinton's closest aides is expected to be named national security adviser. And and we also believe that Linda Thomas Greenfield, who was a longtime State Department employee, almost four decades at the State Department before leaving Early in President. Trump's term is likely to be nominated ambassador to the United Nations, So there's also a lot of other names out there. But those are those are three key names we think are coming tomorrow

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