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This is gary v audio experience. The first book did tremendous new york times bestseller. Yup i just found out. This also is a new york times bestseller out. This came out ten days ago ten days and it's going to be number two in a new york times bestseller list. So what's the basic premise. I mean you don't write these things lightly. I know you have like an eighteen thousand book deal with a good chance to break the news. Because i know enough people want this. This is done with harper business. My last book deal with harper studio that dissolved when the guy who created left so this separate book deal actually have no more books that i have to write I wrote this eighteen months after crush. It i don't expect to write another book for a while mainly because i think you have to you know i don't want to just pump out for sick of pumping them out right now. Listen tomorrow might wake up. And you know maybe i'll come up with some amazing idea tonight and want to but i kind of feel like i need a little bit of a break. This book feels really good to me. I feel like. I've matured dramatically since i wrote crush it. I started company with my brother. Aj called bainer media. So we've done a lot of consulting in corporate america for pepsico and green mountain coffee and campbell's the nhl big companies. I understand the entrepreneur thing. I understand the small business thing but i've learned a lot about corporate this talks about what is really the our y of giving a crap like is the world really changing like it is my firm belief that the world is changing. It is my firm belief that if you have to care about the user in a world that we all know we live in which is based on word of mouth and social equity. And so i dig into this pretty deeply and it's really funny. I actually came up with the title of this book. Giving an interview about crush it crush crush. It was doing extremely well was stunned. It did well. You know all the other social media books in two thousand eight did not do well. Right mind. Sold extremely well. Mainly because you bought a crapload of copy. So i appreciate you. I always And i i in one interview said they. Finally they were pushing. They were kind of like a washington. Uk powers. Okay were like pushing the come on. Why do your books. And i was trying to figure out. And after the interview the told me they thought. I bought my copies right. They dug into it. They try to expose me. I didn't know what was going on. They were pushing wide. Your book do so well and finally said well the thank you economy and it stuck. I think that. I paid forward so much for my community at the time. Eight hundred episodes every tv. You know how much at replying. I do on twitter email. Give give give give give that. When i came i asked for something. It was only twenty bucks. It was easy as it was an easy ask. I almost call this book. Guilt marketing right. It's almost like ever know where people feel so good about the product. The ceo told us on the show. They just pay and the number one reason they give because they wanna support the product. It's like how i feel about. You walked in here and just gave you one hundred bucks absolutely bipolar. So the the the concept that social media is changing everything. What's unpack that a little bit. The word social media's broken right because the word media is screwing with everybody's head. Everybody thinks that's push right. Media's been the same way for one hundred years print radio push television push banner. Ads push billboards push email services. Push push push push push push we create content and we pushed the living crap out of it. We're now living through the first place where it's pull. It's the difference between what we're doing right now which is creating an pushing content compared to that skill set of working the room. After we're done. I'm gonna go over there and hang out with these awesome. People decided to come in hang and the skill set to work the room and meet people and shake their hands. Is the skill set that i think businesses need whether you're or apple or pepsi. Social context is going to matter everybody in our world says content is king in my opinion of content is king context is god and the word context is about to explode in mattering to this room to the viewers to this universe. And so it's why you build the product. It's how you behave with your customers. Even if you have millions of customers like apple you see steve jobs writing these one. Am emails and the guys are mannered is he's got but he can't help himself. And he was a reclusive would never respond publicly and then something happened in the last two years. Were even steve. Jobs would write to people. The blunt honest. I don't know if you saw that email or what you contributed to the world. Why are you being so nasty. Criticizing my products and it was like. Wow steve jobs actually engaging listen customers. I think i think i especially people in our space and we all know so much anybody. That's even watching. This show is so far ahead. I love for them to wrap their head around the fact you're watching. This show means that you clearly do know where the world's going at some level in a way that so many other people don't. I do believe our spaces ridiculously cynical. I'm shocked how cynical our society is in general as a guy who's got good guy dna and has amazing mother and raised him. Well you know. I i'm shocked. How many people just don't believe you can be good by the way. I'm not good. Because i'm such a great guy. I'm good because i firmly believe that. That's how you're gonna have to do business. I'm here to sell stuff. I'm here to make business happened. I want to buy the new york jets. I'm not mother theresa. I have no interest in rock climbing and drinking tea and all combine. I want to build businesses. I think being good is going to be a substantial backbone of that was that drinking ramming a dig at kevin absolutely not one of my best friends of course of course

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