Thompson has torn Achilles tendon, expected to miss season


So it's the injury everybody's talking about but with clay sadly you gotta specify which injury you're talking about. Are you talking about the one in game. Six of the twenty nine thousand finals. The last time we saw him play a game or the one suffered earlier in the week. Which is an achilles tendon. Tear he is now out. It could be if the calendars right two and a half years between games. We're looking forward to having him back at the start of the twenty twenty one. Twenty two season knick. Fidel has been all over the warriors for years and he joins us on the shell. Pennzoil performance line nick. Good morning first thing. Just the response in and around the organization on the news zubin. Everybody's just depressed excited leading into the draft. And in the fact that wiseman was there at number two he was number one on their board and and they were just really looking forward to having steph klay draymond and then plugging in wiseman and seeing what we can give them and then they range of emotions in those couple of hours before the draft and then after the draft they really couldn't even celebrate. Everybody was so sad about clay. I mean he is the guy behind the scenes with all the star power in that locker room that sets the tone for everybody else. And that's why kerr and all those players they love it and so to know that he's going to be out again for another year which just crushing for. Everybody involved nikki. Give us an insight. Into how bob myers and company dealt with the news of klay thompson literally hours before the nba draft that make their decision challenging more challenging looking at other guys like lamelo ball considering he was going to be available. Jay bob address that right afterwards instead. Look wiseman was our guy if he was there we were taken him and obviously if the emotions involved right before the big or unprecedented we. We really never seen anything like it. Before where a star player who has won titles in an organization gets another serious injury right before you gotta make a huge selection for your future but all along when you talk to people in the organization they love what wise men could give them and they're confident that once he gets into their system playing and learning alongside draymond that he can be maybe that bridge or potentially down the line Tracey's nobody knows for sure but wiseman all along was their guy in. I don't think anything that happened with. Clay change to focus when he was number two

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