When will Pfizer’s coronavirus vaccine be ready to ship?


Has authorized emergency use of a second antibody drug to fight covert 19. The FDA says the safety and effectiveness of Regeneron's to drug cocktail is still being evaluated, but it has shown to reduce hospitals hospitalizations for patients at high risk. CBS News Medical contributor. Dr David Egas says this, along with recent headway on vaccines is promising. As we build our medications to treat the virus. It's certainly encouraging. The real hope is the vaccines that should be reviewed by the FDA in the near term, and hopefully we're available before year's end in the country. Regeneron Kaka was given to President Trump when he was being treated for Corona virus. The FDA is allowing the use of Regeneron adults and Children, 12 and over who weigh at least £88 and who are at high risk of severe illness from covert 19 because of age or some medical conditions.

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