A Mothers Controversial Confession


Tv when you're having sex. Who was that. What what i've said is that. What are you watching on tv watching. We'll it's oprah watching portugal. No i stood on the occasion. That i am just too exhausted after the third night in a row i may watch. Tv while you're having sex having sex. I'm satisfying his needs. No appreciate your can't be into it one hundred percent of the time all the. Tv's on and you're watching it and he knows it and it's okay. It's okay it's okay. This is really true. And the thing is what. I hear what i would hear these. Mommy's group woman are different from women. Men need it more than women and the thing. You know what what i wanted to say is if you think that's true. Do you imagine that the men are just not doing it. i mean what. I don't wanna go ahead. Go you go there. Because i was going to say this. I just did a show just like this. I was sitting in a room for two hours with all husbands. who cheated goo. It's so interesting you all should watch that show. Because all of the husbands talked about women their wives who gave everything to the children and to everything else and not to them. And i think that that wives and mothers think that their husband should understand. I've heard women say that they should understand what my child needs to be nurtured and taken care of in. You don't need to be nurtured and take care of the they do so you should understand that my attention has gone to that person. I'm all right. Yeah okay now let me ask you. Did you all notice. Was there shift after your children came. Yeah okay was there anybody here going to admit other than you that you have put your husband on the back burner sometimes but i try to be a loving wife and the days that i said. Tonight's your night honey. But if if we're in the middle of lovemaking and here one the children's scream wearing thing my maternal instinct kicks in and i'm out the door. Hey catch you later. I go to a baby when he's crying but at the same time that's not what i'm talking about and i don't just think it's about being tired. I think there's something deeper. I think there's i don't mean just yeah. Don't exactly yeah. But i see so many people that i i've seen mommy and me and i see so many of my friends and i see so many of the women that i know the left demanding exciting careers and have chosen to stay home. There is this kind of dissatisfaction. Sometimes that has that translates itself. Sometimes in some people to of low level anger. And i think there is a kind of depression that some people are experiencing when they've taken all their ambition and all of their focus shifted that to their children and i see so many of my friends who are not. It's not just that. They're tired from the exhaustion of having children there. It's not just that they don't want to have sex. It's i think sometimes they don't want to have sex with their husband. Okay do you think also to you say that. Sometimes the wives passionate has been refocused from their husband to their kids. But why do you say that you can love your husband and not your children though. No i you know you've obsolete just love my husband. Not my children's. I'm sorry you said that you love your husband. You're your children. I'm not absolutely not in love with my children. What i'm saying. What let me explain it. What i've seen is that we have. We are totally out of balanced. So many women have taken our children. We've replaced them as the objects of our romantic entanglements and instead of having our partners we've replaced them now. Listen it's sex is a symptom of this. I'm not. I'm not the woman who says wrap yourself in some beautiful saran wrap and greet her husband at the door. This sex is a symptom of what's happened when marriages are so focused on the children that you lose sight of your partner and you have to start thinking about you know. When's the last time

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