Argentine soccer legend Diego Maradona dies at 60


Are expected to pay their respects in buenos aires. Thursday as maradonas coffin lies in state at the casa rosada or pink house presidential palace. In naples where. Madonna led napoli to italian league championships in nineteen eighty-seven and nineteen ninety. Thousands of people congregated in streets and in front of the studio sao paulo to sing swap stories and mourn. He was the first power figure that united the world of football says kantor everyone regardless of their nationality wanted to see him play because of his magic. He made argentina famous around the world. He made napoli famous around the world. It's very hard for any reader to understand what he meant for. Napoli the very poor southern city in italy that no one paid attention to and suddenly this kid put napoli on the map playing soccer and rebelled against the industrial north and beat the powerhouses of milan and event events. An inter. who were the more important and powerful teams not only in italy but in the and europe especially maradona hailed from a shantytown on the outskirts of buenos aires and made his professional debut with the club. Argentinos juniors when he was fifteen. I was in the stadium for his first game. Says in reggae mail. A florida psychologist. Who grew up in buenos aires. Now that's become a myth. A million people now say they were there. But i really was. I promise mel talked to his niece in buenos aires on wednesday she said the streets were eerily silent like a cemetery during the day of madonna's death but nineteen eighty six argentina england world cup quarter-final the game in which maradona certified his legend carried particular significance for argentina following the nineteen eighty two falklands war england prevailed in the military conflict with argentina over sovereignty of the archipelago. Some three hundred miles off of argentina's southern coast maradona scoring the first goal with the hand of god and the second goal being the greatest golden history. It gave the argentinians some type or redemption against the english says kantor on the world cup stage and donna could not replicate the nineteen eighty six title while he was still brilliant at the nineteen ninety world cup. Argentina lost to west germany in the final in nineteen ninety four in the united states. He was kicked out of the tournament for testing positive. For ephedrine better donnas demons were well-documented. He struggled with drug addiction. Voracious appetites before wednesday. He dodged several near death experiences. Diego had died so many times before. Kantor it's incredible that he lived this long despite his imperfections. Maradona will be mourned. The world over champions league games had moments of silence. One coach recommended that madonna's number ten be retired throughout world soccer. The vatican announced that pope francis was keeping madonna in his prayers. Undoubtedly for me. He is the greatest player of all time says cantor. He played in an era much different than today. It was more physical game. He was butchered in every single game that he played and he excelled. He had the ball glued to his left foot. His center of gravity was so low. He was just a magician with the ball. An artist poetry in motion.

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