Farm Bureau Survey: Thanksgiving dinner cost down 4%


Every year. Right before thanksgiving. The american farm bureau sends out hundreds of volunteers shoppers into grocery stores all throughout the country. All fifty states their mission to find report the prices of the ingredients that go into a traditional thanksgiving dinner and then the most mouth-watering way possible harris farm bureau chief economist john. Newton listing a bunch of those ingredients. I mean it's your classic thanksgiving dinner so you obviously have the turkey so there check in turkey prices. We've got stuffing sweet. Potatoes brown and serve roles. Cranberries for the cranberry sauce. You're shells your pumpkin pie. Mix whipping cream a gallon of milk. But it goes without saying the prices of these ingredients will be different depending on where you are in the country. Yeah absolutely. I mean a turkey that you buy a whole foods in manhattan is probably going to be more expensive than turkey. You buy a hy-vee in iowa partly because the price of everything is higher in manhattan but also for other economic reasons to john says you also have different supply. Chain costs to get that bird into grocery stores in manhattan for example. It's going to be more expensive to do that. And say Put it in a grocery store in in iowa where you're very close to where turkish approved so john and the crew at the farm bureau do is find the average price of each ingredient across the whole country. Then they add those prices to find the total cost of that classic thanksgiving dinner in every year. John and the farm bureau look at the same ingredients so that they can see just how the cost of thanksgiving dinner has changed through the years. And this is the thirty fifth straight thanksgiving. The farm bureau has conducted the survey. But this is twenty twenty year unlike any other. The couvert pandemic has upended so many parts of our lives and that includes the prices of the foods. We love to eat on thanksgiving today on the show. How and why. The price of thanksgiving has changed. Not just this year though but also through the decades

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