Space Week Morning I Spy



Welcome to choppers your morning and night tooth rushing show start on the top of your mouth on one side and make sure to brush the front back at chewing side of each team very grass. It space week on chompers and today we're going to do a little is spy that means all describe an object to you and you have to guess what i'm talking about. Okay here we go. I'm an astronaut floating in space. I can see a big white ball with lots of holes on it called craters but this white ball is entirely covered by shadow on one side on the other side. The sun is hitting it making it look like he glows before you shout out what i spy switzer brushing to the other side of the top of your mouth and make sure to brush in little circles around each tooth okay. What is this giant white orb floating in space next to earth. What do i spy shouted out another right the mood. If we zoomed in on the moon we'd also be able to spy the footprints of neil armstrong the first astronaut to ever walk on the moon. Here's what he said when he landed at one. Small step for man biathlete prevent switch. You're brushing to the bottom of your mouth and don't forget about those frontier. Here's your next ice by here. In space there is so much to see swirling clouds of dust twinkling stars far off planets. But there's one kind of thing that stands out. They're made of metal and they look like machines so many of them circling the earth. Some of them have wings or antenna. What do i spy shouted out. A satellite switzer rushing to the other side of the bottom of your mouth but don't brush to heart. Futurelast is by if i fly past the moon. Travelling further away from the sun. I can see a bright red planet. The surface dusty dry looking through my telescope. i can even see a robot on this planet. What do i spy. Wait until tonight to find out. Come back to chompers tonight for

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