I think, unfortunately, this has it. Times come down Tol race issue.


This because they're gonna get way ahead. The recent study coming out, showing how horrible our mass scores like they've hit a rock bottom low, worse than ever before, and it's all related to Cove it you've got another study that the American Medical Journal just published, which showed Which showed 5.5 million years of life will be lost from this generation not being in school since last March. Think about that? And they said, it's actually a far worse effect. Then had the schools remained open and had co Vered spread in the schools. Wow. And yet the teachers unions are so incredibly powerful that they're able to shut down all these schools and who are the kids that lose out the most the poor ones, the poor ones in the inner cities. And they're sitting there in the inner cities like looking for more handouts. The Democrats are saying, you know, it's government's fault. It's Donald Trump's fault. It's um you know the wealthiest fault. It's It's Caucasian Americans fault. No, no, no, it is the leaders of these communities faults because they have under served their people. They have made these kid's lives. So much worse off. By not providing them opportunity, and that has got to change. I mean, fundamentally, we got a we got it. Pull ourselves together. And I think conservatives Knows that that really care about freedom.

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