Streamlining the Hiring Process for Nurses With Dr. Iman Abuzeid of Incredible Health

How I Built This


The genesis of incredible health came from my background right. So i am an md a lot of friends and family members that are doctors as well who were often complaining about understaffing at the same time. My co founder. Who's a software engineer from. Mit import. lock. His sisters are nurses and they were saying. Hey i'm experienced and qualified and still takes me two three months to get my next job. I applied a ten fifteen places. I often don't hear back. This is a very common experience for nurses by the way even today and so we just figured there just has to be an easier way to solve this problem so essentially the problem you identified. Was this kind of the process. Right of hiring. Nurses was broken. Which doesn't make sense right because you would think you know with the shortage and hospitals needing nurses they would bring him on but hospitals are also big bureaucracies with lots of different challenges. So i guess it does make sense. You identified this problem. Which was the hiring the on boarding process and and all the bureaucracy involved. You decided to figure to streamline it and that was the genesis of incredible health. That's right and it's now expanded beyond just the place where a nurse finds the job. It's the place where he or. She manages their career. I mentioned continuing education earlier. We also have free salary estimators. We have a couple more services than are launching at the end of this year as well. That's exclusively for nurses. So it's it's really become the place where you manage your entire career on incredible health. Well i'm wondering him on. How does the business model work do. Hospital subscribe pay subscription fee to the site. Or do they pay you know. Every time they hire somebody you get a fee sort of kazakh model designed as a subscription and then that the hospitals are picking are selecting different. Tiers that are based on volume of one hundred percent free for the nurses when nurses go and work at hospitals. Do they tend to stay at the same hospital for a long time. Or is there high turnover. Are they moving around to different hospitals. Yeah so for our platform specifically we only do permanent workers right. We don't do any contract. Workers now look nursing in general is known for high turnover right so usually it's seventeen percent is a national annual turnover right now and so retention is also a hot topic and a very important topic for these for these employers as well and we'll try to do whatever they can to try to keep their nurses so let's go back to the beginning of this year. At what point. Did you realize that this pandemic is going to be a major problem and that the service you offer was was potentially going to be in high demand. I figured this out. Put this altogether. Probably in january february and now is because i was on twitter on and honestly the most amount of information was coming from epidemiologists. Md's and public health experts around the world because we weren't getting real time data here in the us so twitter twitter was actually the my source for figuring this out. I know you've got a team of about thirty people. You're based in san francisco right. We are headquartered in san francisco. Our team is in different parts of the country. So when you realize that this was potentially going to be a huge issue did you see an immediate spike in demand for your services. We did a certainly by april. There was a spike in demand for specific types of nurses. If you're an icu nurse. Or e deaners the hiring for that like increased by three x on our platform like right away and we saw a drop. For some of the other specialties because surgeries were getting canceled but since then since july august the demand for every single role has dramatically increased because not only are hospitals operating at full capacity also dealing with this pandemic. So how did you start to position your your company and your business to meet that demand so there were few things that we did We a few months ago. We launched what we call the pandemic hiring sweet right and what that is is a a range of features and tools that even more dramatically accelerates the hiring and really helps. The hospitals reduce costs because they had gone through some very severe financial hardship. Right so a couple of the things that we did was we added in automated interview scheduling remote interviewing. Because that's just what you have to do. During a pandemic in-app chats enhanced are matching algorithms. All of these with the goal of accelerating the hiring even further so we got down to twelve days now and on average we save every hospital that we work with at least two million dollars because they dramatic try to reduce their travelers costs as well as our overtime in asia. Our costs so essentially last year or the year before. If you were nurse using your platform you would have done and in-person interview at least one. You've traveled to the hospital. And that of course has gone away. That's gone so that's not even a feature anymore. Now everything is happening. Virtually correct and

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