Trump pardons former national security adviser Michael Flynn


Observers have long expected President Trump today wiped clean the record of former national security adviser General Michael Flynn. President Trump has often made clear how he feels about the prosecution and conviction of his former national security adviser, Michael Flynn. I think he's a hero of the general Today. He did something about it. CBS is Natalie brand President Trump announced on Twitter that he has granted a full pardon to his former national security adviser, General Michael Flynn. Flynn tried to rescind his 2017 plea deal with special counsel Robert Mueller on charges of lying to the FBI about his contacts with Russian officials. Larry Sabako is the director of the Center for Politics at the University of Virginia. It isn't a surprise because Flynn, in Trump's view, was the victim as much as he Woz of the Mueller investigation, the investigation into the foreign events that resulted in several convictions of people. Close to Trump. I'm Wendy Gillette. The pardon drew quick condemnation from the head of the House Intelligence Committee, Burbank Democrat Adam Schiff talked to KNX. It's another terrible abuse of power by the president. He came into office acting like an organized crime figure, and he leaves office in the same way. Determined to use his power to protect and reward his friends. Those who lie on his behalf. And still seeking to punish his enemies, so another true to form action by the president. But another body blow is well to the rule of law shift points out that the president himself said he fired Flynn. Because he had lied to the vice president shift says he expects more pardons to come during Mr Trump's final weeks in office,

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