Did Boston Celtics Overplay Their Hand?


Boston. Overplay its hand. There were a lot of reports in the hours. Leading up gordon hayward signing that the celtics and the pacers were discussing a sign and trade gary washburn over the boston globe. He suggests that the pacers were willing to throw in miles. Turner the celtics water a miles. Turner plus package whether it's miles. Turner and tj warren or miles turner and victoria depot. That that that celtics package seemed to highly unlikely to be something the pacers would go for. Tj warrant is coming off a monster performance in the bubble and victor oladipo for all his injury issues. last year is still an all star level player. You don't give up to players of that caliber to get a player. That play like gordon hayward frankly so the celtics. They didn't walk away with nothing because they do have tristan thompson. Now they do have jeff teague. But i can see jeff how miles turner would goodness celtics uniform. And the guy is a three point shooting mobile shot-blocking big man. He's not perfect. He's been called soft before there's questions about positional fit. But something tells me brad. Stevens could do well with versatile. Big man who can shoot three pointer. I i just. I wonder if we'll look back on this in a year and wonder if the celtics overplayed their hand because miles turner in addition to all the things i said he's got a reasonable contract by nba standards anyway. Eighteen million dollars per year over the next three. What do you think of that. Do you think there's a chance the celtics overplayed their hands here. I don't know. I don't think so. Crass t taking a slightly different tact on it. Because i wasn't all that a or the whole idea of only getting mile turner back in the deal. I understand everything you just said But the celtics certainly just made a a decision that that's what they were looking for excitement. Lucy gordon hayward elsewhere without getting any say return on. I don't mind that trying to get a little bit more in it. Not working out for them and again. I'm hearing all your points what you're saying about mouse. Turner but that's something maybe dearly age his staff. I'm not saying you're gonna go out and find another mouse. Turner application that production with a couple of different players here and there and whether it ends up being some kind of combination of daniel thais and looking down the bench and seeing what happens off from that point I just wasn't sure that you know. Look indiana if you really wanna gordon hayward i think you had to force them to really make you pay for it and i don't say that do would you come down to it. The pacers were willing to give up that much and so that sure indicates how much that they really wanted. Gordon hayward i'm fine with the celtics student what they did now. You could be ultimately correct. They may regret not adding that kind of player. Especially we get into the playoffs split I agent it is staff are more than willing to let that ride. It see if they can't come up with that kind of a similar player through the course of use it a couple of different players and seeing what they can do at the trade deadline. Yeah they did get tristan thompson. Which is exactly what they need in on that front line. They've got the more athletic up perimeter shooting floor spacing kind of guy. You've got robert williams who is athletic shop locked they didn't have the physical rebounding tough guy. And that's what tristan thompson is brings championship experience to that team which i think will be a valuable addition and jeff teague is fine. He's not a starter anymore. But you're not asking him to basically kemba walker insurance down there in case kennedy's to take time off that knee injury so it wasn't. It wasn't a failure of an off season for boston. I just. I wonder how we look at this this summer. The summer this fall we look at a couple years

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