President Trump pardons Michael Flynn


Now part of his former aide, Michael Flynn, which is a reward to Flynn for being loyal. Amber Flynn pled guilty to lying to the FBI way knew that he was having these phone calls it was supposed to be having he got fired after only being in the administration for the 24 days. Something like that. So which is, uh, to Scaramucci is so Flynn is is gone. And then the Miller investigation kicks up and they're like, Oh, well, we got Flynn. I mean, he was lying to us. So then they used him for Basically the kind of leveraged him in order to to bring out more information. And then all of a sudden, the Justice Department said. You know what? Mueller? Let's limit the scope of your of your investigation. You can't follow the breadcrumbs to anything else that might happen, so it just turned into a real You know, just a real mess. You know, Flynn was supposed to be Sentence. The Justice Department said to the judge. We want to drop the charges dropped the charges. He just pled guilty. Yeah, but we don't want to charge him. And the judge said, No, That's not how this works. So how any of this works? And so that was that was being hung up in court, and Trump just came outside. Dad. He's off the hook. I worry about the trump phenomenon. Not because of Michael Flynn mean Michael Flynn will score some gig with some, You know, Trump pissed. He's got too much money in some industries somewhere, whatever. Security consultant. International affairs, blah, blah, blah. I'll get something Worry about the trump the trump phenomenon. We had a gentleman who called us earlier in the show, and he was He was sort of the same mind set is I am And that is It's not Trump It's It's the playbook that Trump is writing, or rather resurrected from past leaders, not American leaders. Here. You've got a charismatic Well known figure. And I mean, he figured if we blew up the world of politics in United States, but he tapped into what is a psyche that we've seen play out historically. That ends up hitting neighbors against neighbors and races against races and it divides the country into the haves and the have nots even further, and he knew this. And he used it to his advantage, and he got rid of anyone that was willing to challenge his power like John Kelly. Like Rex Tillerson, who somehow ended up looking like a good guy by the time that he was done James Mattis, Dan Coats Sally Yates, who I just mentioned selling, it's got fired because she wasn't willing to Theo defend them. The Muslim ban Right? Uh huh. Trump eventually filled his inner circle. With under an unqualified loyalists. He was He was trying different people along the way. John Bolton ons. I make the best hires Bolton. Get him out of your fire That guy because even these people Who Were power hungry enough to take jobs with Trump. Couldn't compromise their own morals so much that they followed him. He finally is able wrapped himself up in people like Manoogian. Who are Willing to do whatever it takes. To do whatever he wants. And then he wouldn't play golf. The president's schedule was

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