When you harness the mind you can create magic in moments instead of miles.


Hive you one. It's connie fife and we're back for another episode of the connie five show. We're nearly about the hit the nine year mark and the number of shows that we've been doing over the last nine years has really been incredible. We we went back. We were taking a look at some of the original shows. And those and will never be showing. You just say that we've come a long way is an understatement. So we're going to be doing some silva tori programming coming up in a few weeks. Oh state june. I'm going to be really happy to be sharing them with you so this week. A we have an amazing woman that we have on this show as as a guest today. We've been chatting here and it's a good thing one not live because we definitely would be out of time now but she is a game changer. Bestselling author number one selling business and performance coach and keynote speaker. She's been named america's professional business and performance coach between nineteen and twenty twenty and also global visionary of the year. She's also been the top named the top thirty twenty twenty global gurus of coaching extra. Tony robbins and jack canfield. She's a stevie winner silver stevie winner and innovation in product development and also. Kindness is her philosophy. Many many of you know that kind of kindness is also my philosophy as well being named the agency with heart. Two years at around has been really exciting for us as well but she herself with having that philosophy. She's helping ceos really move forward in their lives personally and professionally from ceos business owners. Eight elite athletes coaches celebrities and many others are redefining their levels of success. So let's bring into the studio studio rian release klaff here to be on. Which is that. This is actually my favorite interview in twelve years. Because of who you are. Because you emanate so much kindness and love. I am so excited to be on your show what i was excited to have you here before we even got to talk but now that we've been talking. We've had the conversation. There is a lot of commonality to it. And in. But what. You've john in how you have bypassed to logic and another the terminology that you using like having donkey brain is like driving a scooter but when you harness stallion brain you drive. The ferrari watch i would love to. I would love to. Because i mean you really harnessing and showing people how to harness that opportunity through this state that they are and because of the keep abilities that they have so. Yeah if you would talk about that more fat would be great. It's my favorite topic. Kazama mazda manifests and because of the why we brought up in school. We have to think within the box we talked to being blown. Young went you'll spice marriages comes off to war and six comes up to five and so it talked to the in that way. Nobody ever teaches you about energetic or quantum physics or about massat conscious. Mind when he's not understand lead ryan and the subconscious mind we are talking is not the. There is no time brian. You can manage this instantly but you have to get out of yourself and get out of your ideas that it has to take time because time at equation once you decide where it is what it is that you want to have. As long as you believe been is a thousand percent and shameful then close it will manifest and hits a line with your heart unsold. It will tapping into that quantum energetic since conscious. It makes it happen pasta and the one thing we don't have we have more time so we need the time so that we can actually leave out a lot from salt contracts to actually be at the end of that guy. That was one hell of arrive. My do be who gets the underlying nagai oko. Sammy regrets so this is why this is how will be and this time wife yours. It's amazing i love that. I love that because many of our viewers you know we. We bring the information here to lift up entrepreneurs lifestyle entrepreneurs when we trunka nearly sixty percent listener. Base are still coming from the c. suite. Meaning they're looking. And saying. I how do i do this. How do i get out. And how do i do this as well and you work with many of them. Celebrities are the athlete remain. You know rockstars really showing them and giving them the ability to see and dedicate themselves to their dreams and to have her ever give up. So how can you relate that to our listeners. That are saying this is my dream. And i'm still just semi periphery just looking at it so often when we need the time to give yourself some time to go deeply into your heart to figure out. What is max you joy for. What brings you joy what moves your soul and your dream comes from that some people actually it drains and sogecable and ewing that dream no matter what like if you're in a job so many people in jobs that don't like tied to a boss there on a nine to five might just and sending not actually ever realizing that truest greatest potential or creativity and it's about choosing yourself No matter what and and getting really comfortable with uncertainty and getting really comfortable with things that make you uncomfortable because when you start to grow. It's not comfortable when you grow. Because you're getting a new skill set. You haven't seen before you don't know what the next step is. But when you have that clear vision of your drain the end result of your dream where you want to be than building plan that every day you take a baby step towards the motley live behalf. An in the old guy or nowaday but it's about committing to that part i will leave the drain. I have to leave the train. I'll have to leave the name. And i will not be contained or will not be corralled by something that's not hard centered authentic or genuine. And when you love yourself care enough about yourself and our brave enough to go on guy knocked my drain. Then nothing will stop us so my question to your listeners is. When will you decide that. You're worth it when we decide that you deserve and when will you understand. Time is precious. Do not get your and your life on your deathbed guy should could would up. Because it's june nineteen hate if there's if yourself right now all your listeners and tax would wrong the this is the last day on the planet and you're looking back on your life. What are you going to say about. You live almost god. I wish i met you to hawaii. I should have married. that cost. should've started that business. Whatever it is look back and today start now and if you don't know how god what. Connie scott ten thousand people that can help you ray chat to coney. She knows people who can help you. Do they sign many ways to do it. Di- waste any more time you ha-

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