Food & Supplements to Ease Chronic Pain


And supplements to ease chronic pain. I am britney. Vincent a registered and licensed i- titian also of an almost nine month old hard to believe and that has brought our family to a total of six. I signed my husband. Two cats and a dog whistle house built so before i had my son i was working full-time busy. Counseling clients teaching classes hosting dishing up nutrition. And now of course. I'm still seeing clients but fewer than before because i'm working three to four days a week and this allows me to still prioritize my nutrition food. Prep for my health but my husband's house and of course my son's health especially now that he's eating solid food. Oh and and your home. You've been working at home right britain. Most of the time. Yeah that kind of makes it easier elite house. That's what i've been hearing. Yes some some of the ones that are still cooking and yeah in the past. I've had my own aches and pains. But as i learned how to eat better. Those aches and pains. Eventually they disappeared and joining me this morning as caroline hudson. She has her own story of aches and pains. Yes brittany. I do because you know what. I'm a few years older than you. So i've had a lot more opportunity to experience those troublesome pains bots. I'm also registered and licensed dietitian and i'd been working in the field of nutrition for close to forty years so i actually received My dietetic nutrition degree in canada. And my second job actually was working with Very remote villages where my clients eight foods that were really very different from what i grew up eating. So these were indigenous communities Where in many cases there weren't any roads. Yeah i have. I would have to fly in to these places and it wasn't like a jet i can imagine. It was not that luxurious a little puddle jumper in some cases they had skis on land You know on a lake or if it was frozen which most of the time half of the time i was landing on frozen lakes or whatever what an experience yeah it really was But so they didn't have roads and so the way they ate. Of course they had. Things like moose. Caribou whitefish. walleye blueberries cranberries and of course many other native plants. You now because actually in many ways. They really understood the food thus that supported good health. No one really diet. They ate foods they foraged they fish they hunted at the and they did all of these foods that really supported their health. Of course they didn't follow any kind of diet or meal plan they just had to eat. What was available at that time to them. So today britain. And i want to share some foods that increase pain and inflammation. Basically the foods that you should eliminate from your menu. We also wanna share foods. You should add into your meal plan so you can have your very own kinda get out of pain card yourself that i i think that idea can mean motivating for a lot of our listeners. Earlier this week. I was reading an article that i found in the business. Section of our local newspaper called breakfast. Cereal back in vogue. I love that title funny. It is funny but it's scary. It is scary well. People are getting tired of cooking for the past several months being stuck at home and so they're turning back to serial even for dinner meals You know we hear this from our clients. So it's not a big surprise but now consumers are eating cereal rather than cooking and just processed food in general and until recently the sayers of cereal had really dramatically declined. More and more people were cooking real food for breakfast. However between march and may of this year there was a twenty six percent surge in cereal sales so huge increase. It is the cooking fatigue but also be people are stressed seating. Oh i'm hearing that a lot on my client redmi winner strache you're feeling emotional we turned to carson shuker And you know as. I mentioned for years sales of that ready to eat cereals. Where on the steady decline people were eating breakfast with protein-rich foods for an also for lunch and dinner. In fact the retail sales of fresh eggs were up more than thirteen percent. Yeah and now. I'd like to see what it is. Yeah i know. I've been stocking up. Yeah especially lately with this You know new crackdown again. And and You know i. I went to the store. The other day and You know stocked up on eggs and a few good pot roast and yeah exactly and i think that's the tricky part now to is people are stocking up and of course you can only stock up with so many of those real foods true so true people are grabbing more of those shelf.

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