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Teen Newsmax or two daily wire using a regular credit card because of these corporations will just go along with the Wilks censorship. They're looking at pretty much any place that you could go and be around this system They're trying to have control over and the one thing that I think is hopeful. Is there a lot of Technical gurus and smart minds are looking for ways that information could be disseminated where you won't get deep platform and canceled. It's outside of the control. I kind of liked him these big social media companies and big tech companies to drug dealers because He got us addicted with the notion As you said that this is the place we could go and find all kinds of information and exchange view. And then once we were hooked, they changed the terms. But by then we were reliant on their technology and their platforms. In China. I feel like we have to go along with it to some degree, so someone has to, and parlor is trying to do this. Another people are trying to do it, but someone has to create alternatives so that people have another choice and don't feel like They're like the drug addicts and have to keep going back to the same people to get their fix of what we hoped would be open and free information in exchange of Yu's Cheryl actions and author of the book Slanted How The News Media Taught us To Love, Censorship and Hate Journalism Really Appreciate the Time Go Pick Up a copy of the book Right now again. It's slanted, Cheryl. Thanks Thank you coming up. We're gonna be jumping into the mailbag. Plus, we're going to be getting back into Joe Biden's Cabinet picks s O. He's picking his cabinet and the media couldn't be more excited. When you talk about the corrupt news media to watch the shift that has happened overnight, right from The Republic is in danger. We're all going to die. Trump is a threat to all of our institutions to Joe Biden is bringing back in the whole gang, and it's going to be amazing even as they engage in their normal levels of swampy corruption. The media are lying to you. They're lying to you Each and every day, the narratives. They propagate our lives, and they come directly from the Democratic party. At this point, they may as well just call themselves the PR wing for the Democratic Party would be more accurate. You're listening to the bench of hero, Joe. WLS Chicago 94 7 WLS FM HD to Chicago Loses

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