Encampments, conditions at Seattle parks draw scrutiny at board meeting


Go Mose Matt Markovich reports. According to the superintendent. There are 485 parks in the city of Seattle, and more than 50 actually have some sort of little tent city in them. The Seattle Parks commissioner. The board is actually a non elected board to oversee provide civilian oversight to the parks. They had their meeting and these encampments that they're talking about. Are in these parks and the city's never really allowed tense and parks before the city leadership is leading the camp, stay put for the campers to shelter in place because of Cove it and the lack of shelter space. But the park superintendent called the tents a new use for the parks in some commissioners took issue with that statement. I don't regard in camp months as being a new use of parks. I regard them as being an abuse of parks that he can't have been a part of Parts in parks and recreation. For a really long time. There was certainly much greater now, but it isn't something that we will ever be able to say that they will never be any candidate. One of our parks, according to Parks director Jesus a. Gary Seattle has 50 50 plus plus Parks, Parks, he he says, says, have have significant significant encampments. encampments. At At least least five five tents tents and and 17 17 parks parks that that he he called called entrenched entrenched encampments encampments that that show show no no signs signs of of going going anywhere. anywhere. Now, Now, Sir, Sir, Commissioner's Commissioner's call call the the growing growing number number of of camps camps in in parks. parks. Failure Failure of of city city policy policy and and leadership. leadership. The The mayor's mayor's office office talk talk about about its its launch launch of a $3 Million Clean Cities Initiative, which can include going into these parks that have tents in them cleaning them up. We've already seen evidence of that. But that again, That initiative does not include the removal of camps that is Cuomo's Matt Markovich reporting and the FBI is investigating the hacking of systems of the U. S. Treasury and Commerce

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