Outer loop, This is past the Baltimore Washington Parkway headed toward Route One College park. The mobile work


Clear, no problems on the Baltimore Washington Parkway, North bound South bound on the B W Parkway, the ramp to eastbound I won 95 we had Dance along the left side traveling at this point on I 70 eastbound. They're all move. 40 Braddock Heights exit 49. We had the report of a crash past Ridge Road. You may be under police direction there otherwise if traveling in Virginia, looking pretty smooth on 66 westbound leaving, of course, the Beltway headed toward Gainesville. Eastbound 66. Your biggest hiccup is inside the Beltway past Washington Boulevard with the right lane getting by that particular work zone south on I 95 past Lord that it across the I want and down the 1 23 the crash within a delay there, maybe along the right side. No problems in the north downside of I 95 or are 3 95 between Fredericksburg and the 14th Street Bridge. Traveling in the district. Marty made me aware that the South Capitol street exits between Martin Luther King Jr Avenue in Atlantic Street is still closed. For the crash with multiple down poles and down wires. They're also new problem in northwest on Connecticut Avenue. Both ways at Florida have new crash Any intersection stay right to get past their traveling North Bend in the Third Street Tunnel, the blowout bounds war New York Avenue, a single left lane gets hit by that work zone and also on New York Avenue both ways at the Third Street Tunnel. A single lane will get you by the milling and paving operations there. W T O P Reporters were driven by Fitzgerald Auto Mall shop fits first and save money choose from thousands of used cars and trucks visit fit small dot com That's the fits way. I'm Rob Stallworth. W T o p. Traffic are w t o p four day forecast from Chuck Bell high pressure down over North Carolina's keeping a light southerly flow here. That means as soon as the clouds are gone, the temperatures will jump quickly, eventually into the mid and upper seventies for highs today

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