It's fine downtown, but


But it does jam up approaching Lake ST Louis full of art out through about prospect. We had an accident there and then a stall. That's the cause of the delay. But things look fine. On the bridge is downtown. We do have have a volume up north on westbound to 70 the canal bridge to almost the chain of rocks Bridge. Take back your unused or expired prescription medications at the U. S. Drug Enforcement Administration's national prescription drug take back day. It's Saturday, October 24th to find a collection site near you. Please visit D E a take back dot com. Suit Thomas with traffic. It's 4 23 37 1 FM. So my message today about Harry's dot com. Shaving supplies is very simple. Take advantage of Harry's, even if you just take advantage of them for their starter kit. It is taking advantage. It is a loss leader. I don't know their numbers. I don't I don't see their balance sheets, but I have to believe that it costs them more than $3. To make a razor with the weighted handle the blades, the filming same gel, the travel cover and ship it to you anywhere. United States That's more than a $3 project for sure. But they're doing that because they believe and rightfully so. I've been doing the same copy for about three years, and every day

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