Trump and Biden Clash in Sharp Exchanges, But More Civil Tones


States and blue states. What I see is American United States. Look, nobody knew what this thing was. Nobody knew where it was coming from what it was. We've learned a lot. The final presidential debate behind us now, about a week and a half away from the election of dozen days, really, or less. National Journal editor in Chief Jeff to four is with US. Live on Skype, Jeff. One thing we can say right out of the box. One does not come away from this exchange. With that throbbing headache. It was civil. You could follow the subject matter at least did that help either candidate, particularly that the temperature was far lower tonight? I think it still felt like like a bit of a draw to me. Just a lower temperature draw the last time you're right. I think if you if you beamed in here from 1992, it still would have seemed recognizable as a presidential debate. Starting even with the first segment they had on Corona virus strategy. They had some some back and forth, but it was pretty civil. We can list off the topics they discussed. Corona virus, immigration, health foreign policy. Our race with the last one, Can you even? Ah, Can you even remember what they discussed? And in what order? I'm not sure I can, and we talked about it for five minutes on air. What exchange? Did you find? Most interesting. Well, I I thought that the initial exchange on Corona virus really encapsulated What the what The knight was, If that's all you watched, you probably came out with a good sense of things. Trump said again, he said, this dozens of times it's going to go away. We're turning the corner. And he's saying this. As this week cases, air spiking and deaths are spiking again, just about everywhere. So it's just does not comport with the reality on the ground right now. The other moment that I think people are really going to seize on is when things turned to immigration and race, Trump Really held it together until then, for about an hour, And then, about an hour in they went to immigration. He again referred to murderers and rapists coming across the border from Mexico. And then he said, the only immigrants who show up for their hearings of the ones with quote really low IQ's So it was. It was a cringe inducing moment. And then on top of that they went to race, and he tried to say yet again that he's been the best president for Black Americans. Since maybe since Abraham Lincoln, which is Did overheated rhetoric to say the least. I'm not equivocating here. Anything that you've just said to now, Let's find out what Joe Biden did wrong. But I did notice, some stumbling, some stammering from Biden. That is an issue with him at debates. What were some of his weaker moments? It is. I mean, Trump wasn't there to interrupt him, But he interrupted himself more than more than a few times hey, tends to get caught up in his words loses his train of thought a little bit, especially when it came back to bite him, especially when he was trying to explain his health care plan. He did very, very well going at Trump about Trump's lack of a plan. But then, when he was called on to explain his own plan, it was it was hard to follow. Even for anybody who's been in that issue, much less for for a voter in their living room. Who's just coming to this issue right now? And what about the issue of Hunter Biden this laptop? We are trying to emphasize to callers to our newsroom that this New York Post story is full of red flags. It's It doesn't hold water, and until we get some more information, it's difficult to go with that laptop. For Biden story. That being said, Is that still a weak point for Joe Biden in some way. I sort of thought that exchange was was also a draw, and I think people probably voters. I think we're well served by the fact that they didn't spend that much time on it. And they didn't get a chance to really get deep in and litigate all the nitty gritty parts of this story because it's raise you say it's really hard to litigate right now. Biden, generally speaking didn't take the bait. He just would say. That's not true. Everything you're saying is not true. I've never accepted a dime from from foreign governments. He didn't really get into the into the sense ofthe weather. The laptop is Israel Whether the emails are authentic what his son was doing. He's just trying to keep T keep the focus on his own behavior, and whether or not he accepted money from foreign governments, and that was probably the smart thing to do to give it the least amount of oxygen possible. We'll talk

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