How to deal with the bulbs from canna over the winter


You open the show about talking about the Kanta plan a little bit and I just got some of those and I really had no experience about how whole winner is does and preparing for the spring planning and then how to manage stuff. So maybe A little bit too that various dirty plan. Now, first of all, there are some little stop growing at three and a half four feet, and there are some go almost eight feet. The the the summer growth is well, pretty tolerant. Most everything that happens then comes this time of year I will generally speaking and there's no real hurry about it but the top of the Cana is very, very tender. It is a semi tropical it is going to be killed. Above ground with the first heavy freeze. Frost may not do it but having freeze now, I don't worry about that because the part and I'm going to protect is well, maybe just a kinship, an inch or two above ground line, and then the great big tutors that are well, I'll call them tubers that are under the ground. I freeze even second, probably will not interfere with the and you WanNa keep so I always allow. The talks to be killed it gives them the last chance to make food and so on, and then all of a sudden freeze kills the top. At that point. They will start to dry. So I aid that a little bit have to be careful with cars and catalytic converters, but I throw a pile about a pile but a pad of newsprint under my car because the. Limited. Space. I then we'll will if possible divide those clumps of roots and tubers or primarily though I would knock off generally possible. But at the same time on, knock off excess soil, then I want that whole mass to dry down but the the underground part itself will have skin over I'll call it something like an onion and that portion seals the rest of the plant that we're going to save soon as those plants have dried down and I can literally knock off the rest of. The soil and can divide them. If I wish at that point, I will take them then and I save old potato sacks that are you know a lot of airflow through them I will sing those with Well, if there I used to have several varieties of Canada, I would mark the bag. So I knew which ones which anymore I have just one group of of an Orangey Red and quite brilliant orangey red. But in any event I will hang the dried root mass. In onions acts or tomato set well, tomato and potato, both all of those things I have nails on the floor Joyce under my family room and I hang each beg. For one nail to the next and the next so that they can hang dr there'd be some air circulating through so that there's very very limited chance of any disease carry over you. You have already dried them so they shouldn't turn mushy from any. Well, let's just say there's not likely be any disease so that I hope takes you on through then the next possibility, they can hang their and I've I've never checked thoroughly, but my crawlspace. Room probably doesn't get below about forty five or fifty. That's just A good or wonderful temperature to keep these dormant and so on. Now, if I WANNA rush the season I can pull down they come out of the bag, but in pots and potting soil, and then start them to grow. So when may fifteenth clears I can go ahead and put a a a growing plant out in the yard in place or I can let them hang or if I have as they have in the past forgotten them, I can still plant them in the ground and with no growth roughly fifteen or a little bit before that because tops won't be up yet and you're just start the plant over again. So I. I have talked to people who can't find enough friends to give. Plants to their the the plant can divide when it's in really good soil it can develop way beyond the meat so you can give away some plants at some point in

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