What Trump Might Do With His Remaining Weeks In Office


Decisions for their last weeks in office, writes my guest journalist Garrett Graff, he says, so imagine what might happen in a post election period when Donald Trump, a president who has spent four years demonstrating his lack of interest in norms and practices of a democracy. Retains all the powers and authority of the presidency and officially has nothing left to lose. In an article on Political magazine graph lays out some of the norm busting actions Trump may take in the days remaining in this presidency graph wrote that article just before the election. Since then, President Trump has broken other norms by refusing to concede the election. Making baseless allegations of widespread voter fraud and pursuing legal challenges. Trump is also standing in the way of a smooth transition by blocking President elect Biden's access to the funding allocated for the transition process and blocking access to classified information, such as the presidential Daily briefing. It was supposed to be granted to a president elect. Paragraph also wrote a recent article in Politico magazine about what Trump might do. After leaving the White House. Graff is a former editor of Politico magazine and is a contributor to wired. He's written books about Robert Mueller's 10 Years FBI director A history of the secret bunkers built to protect government leaders in case of nuclear attack and an aural history of 9 11. He's also the director of the cyber initiative at the Aspen Institute. Our interview was recorded yesterday. Paragraph Welcome back to fresh air. Thanks so much for having me, Terry. Let's start with a couple of the what you consider most norm breaking things President Trump has done so far to interfere with the transfer of power. The biggest one has to just be the simple fact that he has not yet accepted the projected winner of the election being Joe Biden. This is A very different situation than we faced in 2000 with the Florida recount. The state victories across the country are definitive, their decisive And Joe Biden looks like he's actually on his way to a comfortable victory in the electoral College and the fact that now more than a week after the election Donald Trump has not yet accepted that he's not yet given permission for Republican leaders to accept that and not yet given permission for the U. S government to accept that is deeply worrisome. There's a second level of his norm, breaking that we are already beginning to see which is one of the things that I had speculated about before the election. Which is widespread firings of senior government officials housecleaning if you will, among top national security and intelligence leaders. In a way that is worrisome from the National Security's perspective amid a transition. We've never seen a president in a lame duck period like this. Fire. For instance, the defense secretary and this is injecting Ah lot of uncertainty and instability into some very key American institutions at a moment where you are already facing uncertainty and instability and made a presidential transition. Attorney General William Barr has given federal prosecutor's approval to pursue allegations of quote voter tabulation irregularities in certain cases before results are certified. But, he added. In terms of investigating voter fraud, species speculative, fanciful of far fetched claim should not be a basis for initiating federal enquiries. So what does that mean? Because you could argue that all of Trump's claims about voter fraud, our species speculator, fanciful or far fetched? Yeah. And on the one hand, it seems a little too early to know whether this bar memo is just sort of bluster and performative Tioga give Donald Trump a little bit of cover as he Carries out these, askew said. Sort of species, the court filings and court arguments around the country around voter fraud, all of which have been turned aside unanimously by courts across the country state after state. And there is indeed no evidence of any widespread fraud and certainly no evidence of any fraud anywhere close to the level of the victories that we are seeing. Joe Biden pile up in states like Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Arizona, Georgia. At the same time, though, there is reason to be worried that Bill bars memo might beam or than just hot air just a few hours after Hey, issued that memo. We saw the head of the election crimes unit at the Justice Department resigned in protest on But that's a That's a worry some statement by someone who is presumably in a good position to know what Bill Bar might be trying to do with that memo. But we haven't yet seen any evidence of that bar memo appearing in court across the country in investigations carried out by the federal government. Marquess for the

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