What happened during the troubled Big Sur launch, and why

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Apple released mac. Os eleven big sur. On thursday. Anyway it tried to expecting the best macrumors ran a piece. Highlighting of the operating systems planned improvements including the aesthetic redesign. The ios inspired control center a notification center the changes to affari the updates messages and the list goes on. We could spend all day talking about those though. The bigger stories today is the people who spent all day trying to download and install the blessed update seeing that ran peace in the middle of the day. Thursday saying that the downloads for big sur. Were super slow and that people were encountering installation delays of hours or even days in opposed at one forty nine. Pm pacific seeing that said this seemed to be very slow with the update. Failing completely for some customers after saying had about seventeen hours remaining the big sur installation failed five or six times for one scene net reporter and now won't restart now. I pointed out the time on that because just ahead of yesterday's mac. Os ken live. I checked apple system status page. It said that. The mac os software update issue had started around ten am pacific and was resolved by one fifteen pm. That was apparently a bit optimistic at about three thirty pacific cult posted a piece under the headline apple thinks is frustrating delays in macos big sur downloads sometime later. The headline was amended with the words. Update maybe not because yeah not checking apple system status page overnight. Last night apple had updated. Its message saying users may not have been able to download muko software updates on mac computers. The timeframe listed ten am through five fifteen pm pacific. All's well that ends well yeah. I wish i can say for certain that it had in fact ended mac. Os ken listener. Eric sent me an e mail around seven pm. Pacific saying after a forty minute attempted download the update for his twenty eighteen macbook pro just decided to fail. Sad trombone says eric war and that's the one. Apparently the call went on to say thursday wasn't a banner day for several apple services and they were not kidding. Macrumors ran a piece at two in the afternoon. Saying apple is having trouble with a number of services at this time and along with problems that are preventing people from installing mac. Os big sur and slowing down third party apps apple card apple pay maps and message are experiencing issues third party apps. Yeah seem so yet. Another piece from macrumors told the long delays in launching apps or people being unable to open mac apps at all. The problem seems to have been tied to apple's developer. Id notary service as for. Apple's own services seems to have been seriously troublesome macrumors indicates that apple card and apple pay suffered a complete outage with users unable to complete apple pay transactions traffic info and navigation and rounding for maps were also unavailable that outage ran from noon pacific to one forty macrumors updated story at two thirty pacific saying that apple had resolved all of the outstanding issues. Is it possible that apple just trying to do too much in one day. In addition to the big sur release apple also released updates for some of its productivity and creativity applications one piece from apple insider says apple on thursday released updates for i work and garage band while another piece from the same site says apple updated final cut pro and logic pro. The first piece says the i work and garage band. Updates bring their design in line with the big sur aesthetic new icons and a refined design for pages numbers and keynote according to the report that plus the usual stabs and purves as for garage band. There seems to be quite a bit. That's new including customization of region colors and tracks eighteen hundred new apple loops over one hundred ninety new instrument patches and fifty vintage and modern drum kits all of that plus a bit of the big sur design language for everyone then there are tweaks for the computers coming soon. According to apple insider garage band has been tweaked to improve performance and efficiency on mac computers powered by apple silica for apple silicon that final cut pro and logic pro were updated as well and by the way. I'm not being lazy. I'm not saying the x at the end because apple's not lost. I suppose in the move from roman numeral ten to eleven

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