How to Build Your VCP on Zoom


I'm Priscilla rice and I'm coming to see you from Live Oak recording studio in Berkeley, California, and I'm joined on the phone today by the founder and the chief Visionary officer of being eye doctor Ivan misner. Hello, Ivan, How are you? And where are you? I love going back to the how are you and where are you personally? Thank you so much. And as I mentioned in last week's podcast, we're going back to it because you know, I am dead. Traveling. Yeah, it's virtual but I am traveling all over the world. And so we thought we would incorporate it back in by at least mentioning one of the places that I am Live this week. I am live in the United Kingdom for a large Regional event. I've done a lot of recorded visits around the world, but I'm doing a live event in the UK. So we have an interesting topic today out of build your vcp on zoom. And those of you who don't know V C P stands for visibility credibility profitability and we have someone as a guest who is now the reigning Champion for the number of guests visits on being a podcast. This is her eight visits is Tiffany Kellogg and Tiffany entered the entrepreneurial World in two thousand and three. She's enjoyed being able to help her class make money save time have fun. She spends her time traveling across the globe before covid-19 housings of entrepreneurs. Now, she probably does it virtually like I do and whether sharing her expertise wage, Southern Accent on referral marketing networking maximizing your time Tiffany will knock your socks off in with any audience with their fun and entertaining presentations. Now you have a you understand the Sox branding thing that happenes got go to episode number 489 about her colorful socks, you know, he was amazing socks and was funny about that is if you looked at my song it's all black all my socks. So she's very colorful. She's the author of several books and we have her back here today to talk about vcp. Welcome back Tiffany. Thank you so much I have and I'm supposed to be here. You're going to talk about three things how to be seen what to say what not to do. If we have time. We got a bonus round. So talk to us about that and how it fits in vcp job interesting thing where we've switched to Zim and we've been here six months or so now and I think we have to keep in mind that being on camera is now replacing us being in the meeting. So we want to make sure the game Doing everything we can to be moving up the referral confidence curve and down the referral confidence come out. And so the first thing to me is how do you want to be seen and when we only have a short time for a weekly presentation or our featured presentation just a couple of times a year. We want to make sure that we are using the most of the space that we have. So many people are watching the zoom meeting with you on gallery. So you're only a couple inches high. So you really want to think about bringing your energy. I think you have to be more energetic on Zoom than you actually do in person wage. Do you think doctor my eyes? Are you finding that? You have to kind of take it up a notch on camera Coney Island Tiffany? Yeah, I think so. And I think if I remember that like gestures and gestures, you tied my hands. I must be Italian somewhere because if you tied my hands you couldn't speak. I think it's really important to make sure that your hands are included in the camera so that you know when you're doing hand gestures Which means you need to tighten it up. You need to bring your hands in a little closer to show that excitement and to show you know, that visually show that you're you're making a point in that sense. Yes, and then I know we're all in like different with our camera is at so for me. I'm like, I would never talk in public with my hands up by my head, but you do want to have people see that girl. I think you want when you're being seen you want to thank can I use props either something visual that we can use. Yes great suggestion. Yeah, and then we also have the virtue backdrops versus the regular background. I think that your goal is you want to be professional dress professional with a professional background whether that's virtual that works for you or I have a zoom Courtney my office. I actually created this about three years ago to where I can easily do zoom and I know it always looks great behind me. Yeah, cuz if you I don't know if you've seen anybody I I've been with the dog. 30 piles of stuff in the background. Yes. It has it's not it's not pretty I don't know what they're thinking that cracks me up though. Have you seen the new jersey and I assume background that's got me standing off on the left. So I see them because people take screenshots and I'm tagged on Facebook page actually being in a photograph when it's just me as a backdrop, which is just cracks me up. That is hysterical. The last thing I want to say about being seen is make sure that you have your name spelled properly first and last name, maybe even your company name labeled with you and the zoom box. I was visiting a chapter and somebody was listed as dads iPhone off. Oh God. Okay. Yeah. That's that's a problem. You don't want the first thing we want to make sure is we want to be seen the second thing. I think it's very important for us is what time To say I think Matt now more than ever we have to make sure we're very concise with our message and we like to use the saying be specific to be terrific. So during your weekly and featured presentation you wanted to ask you definitely want to make sure that you are specific about that ideal referral or the ideal referral source, and I think that when were sharing if you can use success stories, that is so impactful. We like to say stories sell War facts just tell so anytime you can tell us successes that you created for your clients. It's makes it easy for your fellow chapter members to refer you. Can I add one thing to that but we're telling because I think it's really important don't retell a story relive a story The more you can relive life, you know, really think about your experience there and do your best to re limit as you tell that story. It makes for better storytelling

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